District Committees 2015-2016

Authored by Baldwin Chang May 13, 2015

Hello Sunny Cal-Nev-Ha!

After a long two weeks of applications and interviews, we, the committee chairs, would like to thank everyone who put the time and effort in applying for district committees.

It was definitely not an easy decision, and let it be known that a position or title does not limit what you are able to do in this organization. 

With that being said, the District Board of Officers would like to present the 2015-2016 District Committees!

In Service,
Baldwin Chang
2014-2016 District Public Relations and Technology Chair

Awards Committee
Awards ChairMelanie Wong (UC Davis)
Administrative Executive AssistantJennifer Tarm (UC Irvine)
Creative Executive AssistantKimberly Luu (UC Riverside)
Northern Divisional LiaisonDiyar Aniwar (UC Berkeley)
Central Divisional LiaisonKyle Lee (Fresno State)
Southern Divisional LiaisonVivian Nguyen (SDSU)
District Convention Committee
DCON ChairPhilip Nguyen (UC Berkeley)
Audio/VisualMichael Zhou (UC Berkeley)
Decorations and SouvenirsEmily Wong (UC Irvine)
Decorations and SouvenirsAmber Huang (UC Santa Barbara)
EntertainmentKim-Mai Hoang (UC Riverside)
Professional Expo/PrepChad Vo (UC Berkeley)
GraphicsKatie Chanthakhoun (SDSU)
Honor's ReceptionMelanie Leng (UCSD)
ProgramsPaula Le (CSULB)
Promotion/SlideshowKevin Cruz (UC Merced)
Promotion/SlideshowMarcus Castile (CPP)
RegistrationAlvin Vo (UCSD)
SAABella Nguyen (UCSD)
Talent ShowSienna Serrano (UC Irvine)
VIP HostEarl Grospe (UC Davis)
WorkshopsMichelle Don (UCLA)
WorkshopsMaggie Chen (UC Davis)
Finance and Fundraising
FiFun ChairVictoria Ortiz (UCSD)
Executive AssistantRobert Agosto (CPP)
Crazy Kompetition for Infants Co-ChairCody Yamada (UN Reno)
Crazy Kompetition for Infants Co-ChairSeng Khang (Sac State)
General RepresentativeChris Vuong (OCC)
Ivan Hoz (OCC)
Donald Franks (UC Berkeley)
Juan Guerrero (CPP)
Kenneth Dinh (UC Riverside)
Lizbet Silva (Fresno State)
Fall Training Conference
FTC ChairTianna Nguy (Foothill)
Executive Assistant (Creative)Claire Lee (UC Berkeley)
Executive Assistant (Logistics)Jeffrey Golez (CPP)
Audio/Visual & TechnologyBrandon Khuu (UC Irvine)
CampfireJoseph Castro (UC Irvine)
Decorations (Backdrop)Traci Mura (UCSB)
Decorations (Centerpieces)Vivian Tran (UCSC)
EntertainmentAlfred Lam (UC Riverside)
Dining HallKelly Li (UC Davis)
GraphicsJasmin Hong (IVC)
ProgramsMark Ubongen (UC Irvine)
SlideshowKevin Cruz (UC Merced)
RegistrationJennifer Jo (UC Riverside)
SAALindon Tran (UCLA)
WorkshopsJong Choi (UCLA)
WorkshopsMarion Barleta (CPP)
Kiwanis Family
KFam ChairWilliam Ngo (UC Riverside)
Capital LiaisonMickey Rosal (UN Reno)
Golden Gate LiaisonAna Chavez (UC Berkeley)
Sunset LiaisonVivian Nguyen (UC Berkeley)
Central Coast LiaisonTommy Dang (UCSB)
Metro LiaisonLindon Tran (UCLA)
Foothill LiaisonKalene Wong (Mt.SAC)
Magic Kingdom LiaisonKristian Balmes (UC Irvine)
Desert Oasis LiaisonAdam Madamba (UNLV)
Paradise LiaisonVincent Lim (UCSD)
Key Club International LiaisonChristina Tran (OCC)
Membership Development & Education
MD&E ChairAngelina Chanthanouvong (UC Irvine)
Committee MemberChristopher Riley (CSU Fullerton)
Albert Truong (UCLA)
Christina Lee (Los Medanos)
Julia Hoang (PCC)
Nicole Brigola (UNLV)
Gabriel Hernandez (SDSU)
Jacky Liu (UC Davis)
Kenneth Olidan (UN Reno)
Nam Nguyen (UCSD)
Sarah Phan (UC Berkeley)
Frances Asha (SFSU)
Avery Fukeda (HPU)
Stephen Jin (SDSU)
Public Relations
Public Relations ChairBaldwin Chang (UC Irvine)
Public Relations ChairHeyun Jeong (UC Berkeley)
Executive AssistantBarbara Tkach (CSUF)
CommunicationsBrandon Roman (De Anza)
Cherie Leung (UC Berkeley)
Tyler Bowman (UC Davis)
Social Media CoordinatorJuliana Deer (UCLA)
Graphic DesignerHeidi Tran (UC Riverside)
Priscilla Lu (UC Irvine)
CinematographerJennifer Nguyen (UNLV)
Kyle Dimla (UC Irvine)
Service ChairEdison Xu (UC Berkeley)
Executive AssistantCharles Miin (UCD)
DLSSP NorthDayna Tanaka (UNR)
DLSSP SouthWhitney Tang (CSU Fullerton)
Donations CoordinatorVivian Tran (UCSC)
Steffanie Tran (UCSB)
DSSS WorkshopsJoren Libunao (UCSD)
Lily Lequang (UCLA)
Public RelationsLawrence Sahagun (Sac State)
Resource CoordinatorYana Reyes (IVC)

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Apply for District Committees 2015-2016!

Authored by Baldwin Chang April 29, 2015

Hello Sunny CNH Circle K District!

We are excited to release the applications for the 2015-2016 District Committees. 
District Committees are a great way for you to grow through leadership in Circle K and to make connections with members from all across Cal-Nev-Ha. All different skill sets are extremely appreciated, so we hope that you take a chance and apply!

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the respective Committee Chairs.

Good luck! We look forward to your application.

Melanie Wong, District Awards Chair
Philip Nguyen, District Convention Chair
Victoria Ortiz, District Finance and Fundraising Chair
Tianna Nguy, Fall Training Conference Chair
William Ngo, District Kiwanis Family Chair
Angelina Chanthanouvong, District Membership Development and Education Chair
Baldwin Chang and Heyun Jeong, District Public Relations Chairs
Edison Xu, District Service Chair

Visit us on our Facebook page!

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In memory of Jovito "Jojo" Francisco

Authored by Baldwin Chang April 27, 2015

Jovito “Jojo” Francisco was a member of the Circle K Club at Pasadena City College and was elected lieutenant governor for the 1996-1997 year.  He continued his commitment to Circle K when he ran and was elected governor for the 1997-1998 year. 

Days after he was elected governor, he was asked to address the thousands at the Key Club District Convention and attached are photos of his presentation.  He was worried about his presentation but from the reception he received, he knew he had “nailed it” by the photo shown.

After a battle with kidney disease, Jojo passed away on April 23, 2015.  After hearing the news, the Circle K District Board Meeting of April 26 was adjourned in his memory.

His dedication to Circle K will not marked with the number of clubs he built nor the number of members who joined.  He is remembered by a his gentle kindness and love for his family and friends.  I have never met a kinder or gentler person than Jojo.

The world was a better place with him in it.

Don Hull
1997-1998 District Administrator

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June 24, 2015 at 9AM
July District Board Meeting
July 19, 2015 from 9AM-12PM
President's Retreat
August 7, 2015 at 4PM
Kiwanis District Convention
August 13, 2015 at 3PM
November District Board Meeting
November 6, 2015 from 9AM-12PM


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