Spring Training Conference North & South 2015

Authored by Tae Hyun Lim March 4, 2015

Lead the way, serve the world! 

Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K International presents Spring Training Conference North & South 2015! Get the leadership skills to lead the way and find your inspiration to serve the world! 

Spring Training Conference is a time for the Circle K membership to learn and prepare for the upcoming year. These workshops will provide opportunities to seek guidance in their respective positions, look for ways to get more involved, or develop professional skills. Explore the limitless possibilities and find your way to Spring Training Conference North & South!


Want to become a workshop host, panel host or panel guest?

Find the application by clicking on the links below:

This is a great way to get involved and lead the way to a great year! 

Applications are due on March 14th @ 11:59PM! 


Have any questions? Contact STC Chairs 

Tae Hyun Lim ( 

Mimi Ton (!

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Hello CNH Circle K!

If you know our very own governor, Byron Montilla, then you know that his hair has reached a new level of acicularity. If you also know him, then you know he is willing to do amazing things for our District Fundraising Initiatives.

With that being said, I would like to present to you the on-site fundraiser at District Convetion... here's the prize: the winner will end up being able to cut Byron's hair.

Here's how the fundraiser will happen:
- Throughout the weekend of District Convention, there will be 10 jars outside in the foyer of the convention center: 9 for each division and 1 for the Kiwanians to participate
- Members can purchase raffle tickets to put their name into their respective division's jar
- Raffle tickets are $5 each! $20 for 5!
- The amount of money will be tallied on Saturday night. The jar with the most amount of money donated will be the jar where the name is selected from!
- Also, the jar of the division that raised the most amount of money will receive the Mario Doll!

The winner will be announced during the Sunday session of Convention. Because the schedule for Sunday runs very quickly and there will probably be no time for a haircut to take place, an agreement will have to be made by Byron and the winner on when and where the actual haircut will take place.

**Guidelines of the haircut will be set by Byron himself**

I hope you are all excited to live your dreams of cutting Byron's hair/unicorn horn and simultaneously supporting our 3 District Fundraising Initiatives:

  • The ELIMINATE Project
  • Pediatric Trauma Program
  • The Kiwanis Family House

All of this is happening at CNH Circle K: District Convention 2015, it is quite a mystery as to who will win... best of luck to everyone!

Facebook event:

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Kiwanis Family House Week! #kfhweek

Authored by Alan Perez February 18, 2015

Hello CNH!
Spread awareness and support the Kiwanis Family House by participating in this weeks activities! It's not too late to participate in any of the activities of any of the daily events!

Monday, February 16th
❤ Family Pride❤ 
Change your FB Profile picture/post a picture representing your family.

Tuesday, February 17th
❤ Friends = Family #2❤ 
Take a picture with a group of friends participating in a family-like activity (i.e. eating dinner, sports, etc.)

Wednesday, February 18th
❤ Pick a KFH Resource❤ 
Post a photo of an item that we purchase that goes towards helping the KFH (i.e. Toilet paper, toothbrushes, pillows, etc.) and explain why are they important in helping families in need. 

Thursday, February 19th
❤ Family Ties❤ 
Rip 5 small strips of paper. On each strip write the phrase “Ohana means Family”. Get a regular rubber band and 5 paper clips and attach the strip of paper to the paper clips then to the rubber band. Throughout the day, every time you do something good (good deed, helping someone, etc.) give the paper to that person and tell them to do the same for someone else OR if someone notices it on your hand. Expand your family ties :D 

Friday, February 20th
❤ Home Club Family Spirit❤
Post a video of your home club participating in an activity (i.e. singing, performing an icebreaker, making a cheer specified toward the KFH, etc.) as a family :D 
*Video can be made earlier in the week, just must be posted on Friday* :D

Let's raise that KFH support!

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District Convention 2015
March 27, 2015 at 12PM


[PDF] DCON 2015 Dress Code & Packing List
110 · District Convention
[PDF] 2015 Spring Training Conference Workshop Description
95 · Workshop Database
[DOCX] STCSApp_YourName
89 · Workshop Database
[DOCX] STCNApp_YourName
64 · Workshop Database
[PDF] District Convention Schedule of Events
60 · District Convention


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