Service Initiatives

The District Service Initiative, or DSI, is a service initiative that is proposed yearly by the District Service Committee, and then approved by the District Board for CNH Circle K. It is a cause that the District decides to focus on for the respective term, and this is achieved through the collaboration of service officers and members from all throughout the CNH District.

What is this year’s District Service Initiative?

For this term, CNH Circle K’s DSI is Serve to Conserve: Planet Conservation! There is one thing that unites all of us as Circle K members and also as members of our community, and that is our home, planet Earth. As human activity and the increasing global population continue to exacerbate climate change and environmental stress, it is important to evaluate our carbon footprint, and find new ways to reduce the negative impacts that our actions have on the environment. As members of our communities, it is our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings, including the natural habitats and wildlife as well. By focusing our efforts and providing our environment with the love and nurturing it deserves, our District can make strides in improving the environment and protecting our biosphere. With every member, club, and division working together, we can have a tremendous positive impact on the environment for our generation and the future generations to come.

Make a Difference

With endless service and leadership opportunities in Circle K, there are so many ways that you can contribute to the DSI this year! From chairing service projects, to planning tabletop service projects related to the DSI, you can make a difference regardless of how you do it. Whether you’re creating your own project from scratch, or working with non-profit organizations focused on environmental protection and awareness, every step that CNH Circle K takes towards improving our environmental conditions will help alleviate our carbon footprint. Thank you for your passion and dedication towards serving our environment and helping us reach our goal as a district!