Interactive props

Having props at your table that people can take pictures with will help bring in people to your booth, but also help them remember Circle K as they’ll have those photos in their camera roll. 

On-campus fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great way to attract people’s attention, while also giving you the opportunity to inform them more about Circle K. Selling food in a high-traffic area or even advertising an open event will catch people's attention and raise campus presence of your CKI.

Circle K Freebies

Give out free stuff that has the Circle K logo on it. Not only will it draw people to your booth, but it will also leave an impression of Circle K and the logo. If it’s something like a button, pen, or something that can be worn or used, others will also see it and also be aware of Circle K. You may not see immediate effects, but it's free advertising that can help increase your campus presence.

Tabling Workshops

Host workshops on how to table for returning members or members who want to table. Tabling can be scary, especially for those who are shy or are relatively new, but be sure to encourage them and reassure them that rejection is normal! Give them guidance and advice on how to talk about Circle K and let them practice their elevator speeches or responses to common questions your club receives. 

Get personal

Don't be afraid to talk about your personal experiences with people that come up to your table. Personal experiences and emotions are more relatable and memorable than an impersonal and trite elevator speech, and it will also help that person get to know you and want to come back to talk to you.

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