Welcome to Finance & Fundraising Committee’s Page!


The District Finance and Fundraising Committee (otherwise known as FiFun) works to combine event planning, service, and networking. Catch committee members performing a wide range of tasks, from planning Crazy Kompetition for Infants North and South, to facilitating on-site fundraisers at district events such as Penny Wars, to educating members about our District Fundraising Initiatives, to providing support to treasurers and fundraising chairs of the district — the committee definitely has a lot to do throughout the year. Stay tuned, because we can’t wait for you to experience the memorable fundraisers and meaningful workshops we have in store for you!


Committee Members

Kevin Ru

District Treasurer

Alayna Lieu

Executive Assistant

Kevin Lee

District Fundraising Initiatives Ambassador

Kathy Tran

Outreach Chair

Gloria Rodriguez

Resource Coordinator

Robby Chandra

Resource Coordinator

Minh Ton

Creative Assistant


Treasurers & Fundraising