☀️ Hello Sunny CNH! ☀️

With the fall quarter starting this week, the District MR&E Committee is excited to share long-awaited updates on our District Manuals 📚!! These manuals cover many different aspects of Circle K including but not limited to fellowship, tabling, event planning, recruitment, and retention. Please look through these resources as they include ways to improve your club, train officers, and gain more information as a member. Members are an important part of this organization, so all leaders can benefit from learning about how to assist with recruitment and retention.


🌊 2022-2023 District Membership Development & Education Resources Directory: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223mderesources   

🌊 Link: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223mderesources 

🌊 Link: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223mderesources 


In addition, Circle K International is offering Growth Sessions hosted by the Center for Leadership Excellence to prepare you for recruitment! Pre-registration is required. Registration closes 24 hours prior to the start of each respective session.

  • Smart Marketing (https://bit.ly/3cxWBrq): September 20, 5 PM PDT
    • Learn how to effectively communicate and market the “why” behind joining CKI. Get some smart tactics and strategies regarding social media, tabling and other marketing avenues!
  • Recruitment: We’re All in this Together (https://bit.ly/3AztWKP): September 28, 5 PM PDT
    • This session will cover the basics of recruiting — from confidence to communicating with others. You will also explore ways to make recruitment a responsibility for every member of your club.
  • Learning from Others: What’s Working and What’s Not! (https://bit.ly/3Kzm40h): October 6, 5 PM PDT
    • Ever wanted to know what other CKI clubs do to recruit? Find out what’s working and what isn’t, based on data and clubs’ experiences. Dive into effective strategies for recruiting new members and continually building your CKI brand on campus.


Please reach out to District Member Recognition & Education Chair, Austin Hoang at mre@cnhcirclek.org for anything related to recruitment, recognition, and retention. Happy recruiting!