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DCON 2018 Photobooth Photos

April 3, 2018

1 2 3 The album can be found here.

DCON 2018 Honors Reception Photos

March 31, 2018

1 2 3 Honors Reception photos can be found here.

DCON 2018 Professional Expo Photos

March 31, 2018

1 2 3 Photos from the Professional Expo can be found here.

DCON 2018 Awards Photos

March 30, 2018

1 2 3 DCON day 1 photos can be found here. DCON day 2 photos can be found here.

Sunburst Volume 57 Issue 1

August 10, 2017

Hey CNH! District Convention, Spring Training Conference North/South, and a Farewell Letter from our IP Sub B Trustee, Jennifer Que, are some things you can look forward to in the first issue of the 57th volume of the Sunburst! Other things you can look forward to is catching up with…

Sunburst Editor Application

June 22, 2017

Hello CNH! Did you miss your chance to be on District Committee but would still love for opportunity to serve the California-Nevada-Hawai'i District? If your answer is yes then you're in luck! The position of Sunburst Editor on the Communications & Marketing Committee being reopened for those who are interested…

Sunburst Vol. 56 Issue 3

February 14, 2017

Hey CNH! Crazy Komp, FTC, the end of 2016 — so many things have happened since the last issue of the Sunburst! Catch up on what’s CNH’s clubs have been up to, relive district events from other members’ perspectives, and read up on what…

Different Platforms of Digital Promotion

January 5, 2017

1. Public Facebook Page: Public Facebook pages are great for showcasing the club to the public! This serves as a good reference to people whether they are a previous Key Club/KIWIN’s Alumni, interested in continuing in the Kiwanis Family, someone you met at tabling, or simply someone referred by…

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There is nothing more rewarding than getting recognized for all of your efforts. The District Member Recognition Committee provides clubs and members with the opportunity to compete for annual recognition. Keep checking the website for updated award applications and criteria.