Hi there,

 Welcome to the 2nd week of Member Recognition Mondays!  This week, we will spotlight members from Central Coast, Desert Oasis, and Foothill who embody staying active in Circle K throughout the summer.

  Read why the Lt. Governors nominated these members below:

Central Coast

The reason why I chose this members is because not only has he been trying to get involved for the summer, he was also been one of the main drivers for those summer event. When he tries going to his club's events, he helps motivate other members to go to those events as well.

Desert Oasis

Jodelle has gone out of her way to come out to events over the summer such as TV Tapings, WAW events, and MDA Camp. She also has even gotten her sister to come out to events too. Luckily, her sister is also from Desert Oasis.


Ilcias is always there for an event from fundraisers to socials he has been extremely active during the summer. It is one thing to be active on your own but Ilcias encourages other members to participate as well, making him our summer superstar.

Thank you to these members for being super summer members!  Make sure to go to the Facebook post and let them know how great they are.  While you’re at it, tag a member from these divisions who inspires you to stay active in Circle K throughout the summer.  Let us know why they inspire you and check in next week when we spotlight members from Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise!

With Love,

The 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee