Greetings, CNH Circle K,

Welcome back from Fall Training Conference! I hope everyone had a wonderful time this past weekend whether you are a new member or a returning member! The Fall Training Conference Committee had worked extremely hard to make this awesome weekend happen. Other than the various amount of workshops, team activities, or Saturday night activities we had to offer, the experiences was ultimately made by you.  Additionally, this past weekend, we had a small taste of recognition in regards to the Membership Recognition Program and a few awards.

Without further ado, we wanted to recap the recognition.

Outstanding Club T-Shirt Award

  • 1st Place: University of Nevada, Reno

  • 2nd Place: California State University, Long Beach

  • 3rd Place: University of California, Berkeley


  • Honorable Mention: University of California, Davis


Outstanding Club Video Award

  • 1st Place: University of California, Los Angeles

  • 2nd Place: California State University, Long Beach

  • 3rd Place: California State University, Sacramento

Fall Training Conference Divisional Spirit Award

  • Capital Division

Fundraising Recognition provided by District Treasurer, Shaira Ramirez-Santos, and District Finance and Fundraising Committee

Most Funds Raised for:

  • Pediatric Trauma Program: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Kiwanis Family House: University of California, Riverside
  • Feeding America: University of California, Los Angeles
  • Independent Charities: University of California, Irvine
  • Overall for District Fundraising Initiatives: California State University, Sacramento

Penny Wars Winner

  • Magic Kingdom Division

Membership Recognition Program Recipients by Division (as of October 5, 2018 Master Records Sheet submissions)


  • California State University, Sacramento
    • Ricardo Aficial, Bronze
    • Quinn Feehan, Bronze
    • Ralph Gamboa, Bronze
    • Patrick Hu, Silver
    • Casey Kieng, Gold
    • Marcus Magno, Silver
    • Brian Manganaan, Gold
    • Amber Morales, Bronze
    • Kevin Ngo, Silver
    • Ivince Pajarin, Bronze
    • Ariel-Luna Recio, Bronze
    • Lucas Saechao, Bronze
    • Jennifer Sandoval, Silver
    • Tia Yang, Bronze
    • Ryan Yee, Silver
    • Eddy Yu, Gold
  • San Joaquin Delta College
    • Benny Saechao, Bronze
  • Sacramento City College
    • Jasmine Her, Bronze
    • Nicayo Ramos, Bronze
  • University of California, Davis
    • Willie La, Bronze
    • Nora Lovell, Silver
    • Jennifer Ly, Silver
    • Kelly Truong, Bronze
    • Darienne Viloria, Bronze
    • Celene Yee, Bronze
  • University of Nevada, Reno
    • Heather Gonzales, Bronze
  • University of the Pacific
    • Tiffany Huang, Bronze
    • Grace Park, Bronze
    • Joshua Ranario, Silver

Central Coast

  • University of California, Merced
    • Julian Perez, Bronze
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Alysha Cabarrubias, Bronze
    • Jose Padilla, Silver
    • Howard Wang, Bronze

Desert Oasis

  • University of California, Riverside
    • Calvin Chau, Gold
    • Andy Nguyen, Bronze
    • Jameson Nguyen, Gold
    • Max Rico, Bronze
    • Nina Schatz, Gold
    • Nathan Wong, Gold
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    • Alexandra Amaya, Bronze
    • Ethan Hill, Bronze
    • Jacob Lockhart, Bronze
    • James Malabanan, Silver
    • Vanessa Meza-Perez, Silver
    • Vinh Tran, Silver
    • Terrie Truong, Gold

Golden Gate

  • California State University, East Bay
    • Huy Nguyen, Bronze
    • Darian Sein-Lwin, Bronze
  • San Francisco State University
    • William Suy, Bronze
  • University of California, Berkeley
    • Manny Ilasco, Silver
    • Austin Lim, Bronze
    • Evan Sum, Silver
    • Thanh Thanh Thai, Bronze
    • Nikhila Udupa, Silver

Magic Kingdom

  • California State University, Fullerton
    • Rafa Alam, Bronze
    • Amy Cao, Silver
    • Josephine Chau, Gold
    • Sandra Cheng, Silver
    • Michael Hayes, Bronze
    • Carl Hernandez, Silver
    • Angela Lagrada, Bronze
    • Christina Lam, Gold
    • Raphael Pacquing, Bronze
    • Henry Pham, Gold
    • Kelly Quach, Silver
    • Kathy Tran, Silver
    • Melody Tran, Gold
  • Cypress College
    • Jonathan Francisco, Bronze
    • David Su, Silver
  • Irvine Valley College
    • Alvin Nguyen, Bronze
    • April Simpson, Bronze
  • Orange Coast College
    • Alan Camargo, Gold
    • Katherine Hoang, Silver
    • Dylan Huynh, Silver
    • Yeonsoo Kim, Silver
    • Anne Le, Silver
    • Johnny Le, Silver
    • Steven Ly, Silver
    • Alvin Nguyen, Silver
    • Ngoc Nguyen, Gold
    • John Park, Bronze
    • Tommy Thach, Silver
    • Minh Ton, Bronze
    • Francis Tran, Bronze
  • University of California, Irvine
    • Winnie Lam, Silver
    • Ami Patel, Bronze
    • Chad Ruaburo, Silver
    • Alicia Sieu, Silver
    • Chris Tran, Silver


  • California State University, Long Beach
    • Juliet Shane Agtang, Bronze
    • Alyson Brown, Bronze
    • Eddie Castillo, Gold
    • Olivia Chang, Bronze
    • Jonathan Ichino, Silver
    • Cammie Lam, Gold
    • Stella Liang, Bronze
    • Angel Martinez, Bronze
    • Alexis Moreno, Silver
    • Naomi Pham, Silver
    • Thuyvi Pham, Bronze
    • Jao San Agustin, Gold
    • Kim Vo, Gold
  • California State University, Northridge
    • Elizabeth De Dios, Bronze
    • Michelle De Dios, Bronze
    • Steve Lopez, Bronze
  • Pierce College
    • James Cortes, Bronze
  • University of California, Los Angeles
    • Gina Apinyavat, Gold
    • Jone Backinskaite, Bronze
    • Belen Bravo, Gold
    • Jolene Chan, Silver
    • Ryan Fang, Gold
    • Jeremey Figueroa, Gold
    • Katrina Galian, Bronze
    • Angeli Indran, Bronze
    • Alex Kwong, Bronze
    • Christopher Lam, Bronze
    • Braden Lem, Silver
    • Ryan Leong, Silver
    • Jeffrey Lin, Bronze
    • Calvin Ly, Silver
    • Kylee Lyons, Silver
    • Caroline Martina, Silver
    • Amir Patel, Silver
    • Kevin Ru, Gold
    • Tyler Saunders, Silver
    • Thu Uyen Tran, Bronze
    • Khoa Vinh, Silver
    • Ethan Vuong, Silver
  • University of Southern California
    • Lina Wang, Bronze


  • University of California, San Diego
    • Marne Amoguis, Silver
    • Vivian Du, Bronze
    • Maricris Hernandez, Bronze
    • Alyssa Lew, Silver
    • Alexandra Wei, Bronze

Congratulations to everyone once again for all the recognition that they have received this past weekend. We hope you all had a great, wonderful time at Fall Training Conference and that it can be considered as one of your “CKI Moments.”


Best regards,

The 2018-2019 District Member Recognition Committee