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   It’s February and love is in the air!  Even though Valentine’s Day was last week, we still have more love to give to our wonderful members.  This month, we asked Lt. Governors to spotlight members who help others to fall in love with Circle K. This week, we will spotlight members from Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise! Please read why their Lt. Governors nominated them below:

Magic Kingdom: Yvette Huynh, CSU Fullerton

Yvette is the embodiment of a good member and a great board officer. In her time as officer, she has been able to show great care and compassion to all of her members without any expectation of receiving anything in return. She consistently goes out of her way to provide all members at CSUF CKI.

Metro: Kelsey Chan, CSU Dominguez Hills
From the start, Kelsey has always been someone who epitomizes every tenet in Circle K. As an officer and member of her home club, Kelsey overcame many challenges and obstacles with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. At club and division events, she always makes others feel welcome and makes them love all the great things Circle K has to offer: service, leadership and fellowship.

Paradise: Jason Liu, UC San Diego

Jason is one of those members that reminds me about why I’ve kept my passion for CKI. I really think what makes us love CKI so much is that there are roads that lead to a multitude of opportunities, each unique and different. Along the way we all find our own passion for what we do and why we do it. Jason reminds me about what I love about CKI, which is how it helps people personally grow and develop. Jason has grown so much during his term, it’s inspiring to see where he is now compared to a year ago.

   Thank you to these members for their passion Circle K! You are truly special and help make Circle K a worthwhile experience for those around you. Make sure to go to the Facebook post and let them know how great they are! While you’re at it, tag a member from these divisions who stands out for helping others to fall in love with CKI. Let us know why they inspire you and check in next week when we spotlight the January Members of the Month from across the district for the last MR Monday of the term! 🙂

With Love,
The 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee


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