☀️ Hello Sunny CNH! ☀️


It’s now September which means it’s time to recognize the 🎒 August 2022 Members of the Month 📝!


Congratulations to…

Graphic Credit: Angelina Moonswami


🐮  Alexis Martinez, CSU Sacramento, Capital 🐮

This board member has been consistent in their work, bringing engaging and meaningful service to Sac State CKI. She is always there to help and cares a lot about our board. Her dedication is definitely recognized by our club. Not only does she do service for our club, but she is on Capital DLT as Fellowship Chair and is on the District Service Committee. On the home club level, she joins all our committees and her attendance is phenomenal. She is overall a chill person to hangout with and she is always so friendly and welcoming to new members. We appreciate all that she does for Sac State CKI!


🐢 Jenny Patague, CSU Stanislaus, Central Coast 🐢

Jenny returned from studying abroad in late June, which meant she didn’t have an official Officer Training until she returned. Regardless, Jenny gradually found her footing throughout the month of July. Then throughout August, Jenny began to take further steps to catch back up by reestablishing communication with the LTG as well as attending the Recruitment Sundown Webinar, reaching out to the District Member Recognition & Education Chair with questions afterwards, and making sure that all of her board members were in the CNH Club Leadership Discord. Jenny is growing more comfortable in her role as President and seeks to continue progressing and growing her club as the semester starts.


🍊James Balancio, CSU Fullerton, Citrus 🍊

James is the Vice President of Service for our club and has been doing a phenomenal job. He’s managed to triple our service hours and he’s been able to show his care and dedication for our club through that. He has come out to every single service event that has been planned and has allowed for his work to show with the general members all praising the service events. He has managed to get members to come out more often not only to service events but also leadership and fellowship events as well. He is a vital asset that is a friendly face to our members and he makes it known that he’ll do everything he can for our general members. 


🌵 Elizabeth Hoang, UC Riverside, Desert Oasis 🌵

Elizabeth is an absolute joy to UC Riverside as well as the Division as a whole! My EA and I have noticed that not even just this month, but throughout the term so far, she is attending all meetings, doing the most, always making the slides for their meetings, and even working on a newsletter for the club. She even helped house me earlier this term which I am extremely grateful for! She has always been constant despite all the challenges, contributes her full 110%, and makes everyone feel welcome which is why this month I think she should be recognized as Member of the Month!


🐼 Gianna Young, UH Manoa, Paradise 🍍

Gianna is the Secretary of UH Manoa. She has been maintaining contact with me for months, is very responsive, and always turns everything in early. She invited me to her club’s board meeting this month. I have seen her actively participate in discussion and is knowledgeable about her club. She is a great asset.


🌉  Fernando Becerra, Santa Rosa Junior College, Golden Gate 🦭

Fernando Becerra is the President of Santa Rosa Junior College Circle K. Before serving as President, he was the Vice President of Administration for his club. He consistently holds board meetings and has kept his board members accountable to attending them. In July, he volunteered his club to host Golden Gate’s DCM. He coordinated with many board members and the Lieutenant Governor to organize the event. All of his hard work led to a successful DCM, which was the first in-person DCM of the term! At the DCM, we had a Divisional Service Project (DSP) led by his club’s Vice President of Service and hosted a potluck with lots of delicious food. On top of this, he drove for over 4 hours from and back to Santa Rosa to attend Quad DCM in Sacramento.


🔥 Sabrina Gletiz, Claremont Colleges, Foothill 🔥

Sabrina was a new member from last term and has been highly interested in getting involved with her club. For this term, she has been dedicating her time as Secretary for her club, learning the roles of Secretary along with attending events (both Divisional and District level) to support the organization as a whole. With all of her contributions, she is the true definition of an amazing leader! 


🚊 Elaine Vuong, CSU Long Beach, Metro 🚊

They planned and put on our first personal and professional development workshop this term. As our MD&E Chair, she helped appoint and train our Family Heads. She is also in the middle of planning for our annual New Member Induction this fall. She has already done so much and progressed a lot in little time. I’m really proud on what she has accomplished so far and can’t wait to see what she does further in the term. <3


🦈 Elizabeth Bremberg, San Jose State University, Sunset 🐤

Elizabeth is an outstanding and dedicated Circle K leader. For this term, she is the SJSU Club President, the Executive Assistant for the District Member Recognition & Education Committee, and a Committee Member of the District Laws & Regulation Committee. On the MR&E Committee, she has been instrumental in establishing the Master Records Sheet (MRS). She is also working on providing various resources for Club Secretaries to help them fill out the MRS for District Awards, such as updating the MRS User Guide, presenting the Membership Recognition Program & Master Records Sheet Sundown Webinar, and co-hosting the FTC Awards & MRS Office Hours. On top of this, she is leading her club well, despite facing many challenges this summer. She also commuted for over 4 hours from and back to San Jose to attend Quad DCM in Sacramento. Elizabeth’s organization and diligence is a role model for all Circle K members!

Want to ⭐️ recognize someone ⭐️ as a ☀️ District Member of the Month ☀️ for their outstanding dedication to Circle K? Recommend them to be recognized on the  📣 Member of the Month Nomination Form: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223motm.

Nominations are due on the 20th of each month. So, nominations for the 🍁 September 2022 Members of the Month 📚 are due on 🍂 September 20th 💫.