☀️ Hello Sunny CNH! ☀️


We’ve reached the end of the month which means it’s time to recognize the 🌊 July 2022 Members of the Month 🏖!


Congratulations to…

Graphic Credit: Jaclyn Tu


🦈 Adam Aviles, UC Santa Cruz, Sunset 🐥

Not only has Adam been creating beautiful graphics and cheers for the Sunset Division and UC Santa Cruz, he has also been showing exemplary effort in the three tenets of Circle K International. Adam’s dedication for his club and Division has truly inspired not only the Lieutenant Governor but other members as well.


🐮 Amanda Ho, CSU Sacramento, Capital 🐮

This member has gone above and beyond with helping out their board. They have volunteered to help out when they are able to. They provide a lot of great feedback and suggestions and has voiced their opinion in open discussions to put their input on every decision we make. They are so easy to talk to and have been an amazing member to be around. They are also very present for our club.


🐼 Andrew Smithwick, UC San Diego, Paradise 🍍

Andrew is a new member who is continuing his Kiwanis Family journey from Key Club to Circle K. Before he formally graduated from high school, he took the initiative to contact the District Member Recognition & Education Chair and joined the MR&E Committee as a Membership Development & Education Specialist. He is a very reliable member of the District MR&E Committee as he attends most Sundown Webinars, makes many suggestions to how District MD&E resources can be improved, and even reached out to a few club Presidents for advice. He also attended the CKIx Awards Night Livestream that the Onto-CKIx Committee held. Andrew is already very dedicated to Circle K and he will no doubt go on to accomplish a lot.


🐢 Dakota Caton, CSU Stanislaus, Central Coast 🐢

This month, Dakota stepped up to take a leadership role in their new CKI club. Dakota is a former Key Club Lieutenant Governor and will be attending CSU Stanislaus in the Fall. Dakota first reached out to the club via their Discord. Within a week of that initial message, he became the Kiwanis Family Representative of the club. On top of his new position, Dakota also began to be very communicative with the LTG, asking any and all questions he may have. Dakota also attended the “Kiwanis Family Relations” Webinar of the District Sundown Webinar Series. Dakota also set up a few club socials, participated in a Great Turlock Kiwanis service event, and even attended a Greater Turlock Kiwanis meeting. Dakota has done a great deal of work in his first month in office which he should be recognized for.


🍊Ethan Hong, UC Irvine, Citrus 🍊

Although summer is a time of relaxation and rest, Ethan has taken full advantage of his time on break and used it to improve his club’s relations with their local Kiwanis Clubs. Despite how time-consuming the meetings can be, Ethan makes an effort to attend as many as he can to support the Kiwanis as much as they support Circle K. He is actively working with the Kiwanis Family to find new projects for his club and the Division.


🚊 Jaden Nguyen, UC Los Angeles, Metro 🚊

Jaden is the Parliamentarian of the District Laws & Regulations Committee and consistently attends the committee’s meetings. He even hosted the Planning a Key to College Webinar for the District and invested a lot of time preparing for it. His passion for the organization is through the roof. Also, who doesn’t love Peppa Pig?


🔥Matthew Hui, Pasadena City College, Foothill 🔥

Matt is a new member who is continuing his Kiwanis Family journey from Key Club to Circle K. Since the beginning of the term, he has joined the District Member Recognition & Education (MR&E) Committee and strongly supports the Division by attending Divisional Kiwanis DCMs. Along the way, he will be the Kiwanis Family Relations Chair for PCC and help all around the Division this term.


🌉 Sabreen Yaqubi, UC Berkeley, Golden Gate 🦭

Despite less Circle K activity during the summer, Sabreen continuously leads fun and meaningful service events. This month, she contacted various community organizations outside of Berkeley and organized transportation for members to their service events. Overall, Sabreen is a very reliable club board member.


🌵Yash Chaudhary, UC Riverside, Desert Oasis 🌵

Yash is an outstanding new member and more than deserving of being recognized as a District Member of the Month. Before he formally graduated from high school, he took the initiative to contact his club leaders and District Board members about Circle K leadership. For this upcoming term, Yash is the Fundraising Chair for UC Riverside, the Executive Assistant of the Desert Oasis Division, a Recognition Specialist on the District Member Recognition & Education Committee, and the Registration Chair of the District Convention Committee. He consistently attends District Sundown Webinars, tabled this summer for UCR, helped with planning Desert Oasis’s Leadership Trainer, executed a club fundraiser, and was even a virtual attendee for International Convention (CKIx). His enthusiasm for Circle K as a new member is astounding and really motivates other members to be more committed. Yash has many great Circle K accomplishments ahead of him!



Want to ⭐️ recognize someone ⭐️ as a ☀️ District Member of the Month ☀️ for their outstanding dedication to Circle K? Recommend them to be recognized on the 📣 Member of the Month Nomination Form: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223motm.


Nominations are due on the 20th of each month. So, nominations for the 🐚 August 2022 Members of the Month 🐋 are due on 🍹 August 20th 🌴.