☀️ Hello Sunny CNH! ☀️


We’ve reached the end of the month which means it’s time to recognize the ☀️June 2022 Members of the Month 😎! 


Congratulations to…


🐮 Phoebe Fagoaga, UNR, Capital 🐮

Phoebe attended STC North, hosted a workshop and was even recognized by Kiwanian Dave Whitacre for her initiative to help and set-up before other attendees arrived. Phoebe should be recognized because she has taken the leap to serve at the divisional level as EA and already has so many ideas to help improve Capital. Phoebe embodies the three Circle K tenets and never stops helping others. 


🐢 Janet Chen, UCSB, Central Coast 🐢

This month, this nominee displayed initiative in their role as president. This nominee was very responsive during their finals week to have a 1:1 with me after communication had hit a stalemate. This individual has been very communicative with me regarding their interest in attending Presidents Retreat alongside myself.


🍊 Christine Tran, OCC, Citrus 🍊

Despite retiring from her position of President, Christine has remained active in CKI on all levels. She has been actively assisting her home club with upcoming events such as their club banquet and Kelly’s Closet, an iconic service event within OCC. In addition, Christine has volunteered her time to assist the division by hosting a workshop at this year’s June DCM: Citrus Trainer and serving as an SAA at Region 3 Key Club’s Officer Training Conference. Lastly, Christine serves on the Presidents Retreat Committee as the Executive Assistant, providing her expertise on the District level. Christine is an extremely hardworking member and despite retiring, she plans to continue her CKI journey after transferring from OCC.


🌵 David Miron, UNLV, Desert Oasis 🌵

David has gone all out and beyond in being an exemplary board member and overall general member as well, even before being appointed on board. We even nominated him for new incoming member of the year but he didn’t get it so I wanted to try out Member of the Month. He has some of the most service hours of all the general members and even ubered to events he couldn’t drive to just to go or asked his sister. He also went to every general meeting and even now during the Summer, he goes in person to our general meetings even though not a lot of people in the club go in person. Even during our new student tabling and recruiting, he was the only other board member other than the president to show up and his help was incredible. David is more than deserving of this award.


🔥 Nazeli Khodaverdyan, PCC, Foothill 🔥

They have been serving as President throughout the few months and have been keeping her officers on a roll on keeping the club active during summer. Adding on, they have been wanting to rebuild the spirit of the club and prepare recruitment for the fall semester. 


🌉 Yvette Rodriguez, UCB, Golden Gate 🌉

Yvette is the Spirit & Social Chair for her club. Despite less Circle K activity during the summer, she organized and hosted a fun Game Night social for UC Berkeley. Beyond this, she was recognized as her club’s New Member of the Year due to her outstanding commitment to the club. She also attended Spring Training Conference North and even offered to drive other members.


🚊 Edward Garcia, CSULB, Metro 🚊

Edward, has been a great E-board (president) as he’s been putting a lot of effort for his club. Although I met him in a span from my term to now, his energy and spirit is through the roof! As his positive vibes and determination for the club is truly magnificent! I nominate Edward for his love and determination for the organization. Proud of you bud


🐼 Kaitlyn Lin, UCSD, Paradise 🍍

Kaitlyn is the KFF chair for UCSD and ever since her term started, she has done her best to attend all kiwanis events. Above all, she has been extremely enthusiastic and welcoming to all those who attend the events. Although she has expressed concerns for low attendance, she remains the same regardless and continues to maintain a good connection with kiwanis.


🦈 Connor Bald, UCSC, Sunset 🐥

Currently serving as UC Santa Cruz’s VPS, Connor Bald has shown exemplary dedication and effort in transitioning service from online to in-person again! Besides working hard to scour out events, Connor constantly brings out energy from his members through jokes and shenanigans and has been the life of the party when attending events.



Want to ⭐️ recognize someone ⭐️ as a ☀️ District Member of the Month ☀️ for their outstanding dedication to Circle K? Recommend them to be recognized on the 📣CNH District Member of the Month Nomination Form: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223motm.


Nominations are due on the 20th of each month. So, nominations for the 🌊July 2022 Members of the Month 🐚 are due on 🏖July 20th 🐋.