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Fall Training Conference 🎲 was this past weekend, where our October 2022 Members of the Month & Fall Training Conference Awards Recipients were revealed!


🎃 October Members of Month 👻


Congratulations to…

Graphic Credit: Angelina Moonswami


My-Thy Nguyen, CSU Sacramento, Capital

When My-Thy heard that CKI North may not be occurring this year, her heart was heavily burdened. CKI North has always been an amazing opportunity to meet people in the District, play fun games, compete with other schools, and most importantly, raise money for PTP! My-Thy decided then that she wanted to make sure that an event similar to CKI North could happen this year to the best of her ability. As all good leaders do, she assessed whether or not this was feasible on a district scale and decided that with the manpower she had available to her, it would be best to hold it within our Capital Division. With her team of volunteers, My-Thy advertised the event, named Sac State Carnival, to schools in Capital including UC Davis and UN Reno and put together all the details of the event. There were six different booths and each one had a different game that you could play by giving red tickets that you had to buy. If you won, you would receive blue tickets which could later be exchanged for prizes including the cutest crochet turtles handmade by My-Thy and Lily, another Sac State board member. These prizes prompted many members to put their all into the booth games so they could get a coveted turtle. Each of the games was designed to maximize the donations for PTP to support our DFI in novel ways that were very unique from the CKI North last year. When things were becoming a little slow during the event, My-Thy and her crew were very flexible and brought in new group activities that really engaged members and got them excited. Throughout the event, she made sure that people were enjoying themselves and coordinated with the Sac State Kiwanis to bring in pizza and refreshments. I personally had the best time at the event and was able to get to know members from the other schools a lot better. It had a large turnout from all of the Capital Division schools, alumni, and Kiwanians. My-Thy displayed initiative, adaptability, and leadership through this event and she continues to shine as the president of Sac State. I nominate her for District member of the month in recognition of all the hard work and hours she put into creating this novel event!


🐢 Ethan Goodwin, CSU Stanislaus, Central Coast 🐢

Ethan Goodwin is the first to volunteer, always going to meetings, and is a genuine pleasure to be around. Ethan recently received an injury and needed to be forced to stay home and rest instead of volunteering further. It’s this sort of spirit that makes communities great. Ethan is an inspiration to his whole club.


🍊DeAnn Le, Orange Coast College, Citrus 🍊

DeAnn has been an amazing member, staying on top of her work as Secretary while also being active beyond the club level. She consistently interacts with her counterparts within the Division, offering a helping hand and asking questions when things aren’t as clear. She exudes so much initiative and leadership and it shows through her work. If you ever attend a general meeting at OCC, DeAnn is always one of the first people to greet you. She is one of the kindest, most-hardworking members within the Citrus Division and stands out as one of our best Cuties.


🌵Han Tu, University of Las Vegas, Desert Oasis 🌵

Han Tu is the current UNLV Vice President of Service and has done an insane amount for her home club as well as CKI in general. She has consistently planned 2-4 service events a WEEK for her club and continues to include an amazing variety of opportunities for her club. She helps plan Single Service with her Single Service chair and as her predecessor. She attends many club and division events consistently. She is always there for her fellow board members and CKI in general both as a board member and a friend. While a lot of the work she does is behind the scenes, she truly does so much and deserves to be recognized.


🔥Karen Lopez-Montalvo, Los Angeles City College, Foothill 🔥

Karen has been an active member since last term and was a past Kiwin’s member. Since the beginning of this term, she was able to take her position as club secretary to fulfill her duties to keep her club engaged. Karen has been very capable of planning events for her club, reassuring her members to stay engaged (especially on upcoming events), utilizing her skills as a past Kiwin’s member and has been proving herself that she’s the definition of being a strong leader! Keep up the work Karen and you’re the best! 


🌉 Barbara Beetlestone, University of San Francisco, Golden Gate 🦭

Barbara is the President of her home club. Despite being in her senior year and having an internship, she is still able to dedicate so much time to leading her club. She planned and hosted many successful Welcome Week events with lots of attendees, including a picnic for the entire Division. When her Secretary had to leave the club, she took the initiative to work with her Treasurer to complete her club’s MRF. On top of all of this, she recruited many members to fill vacant board positions. She is also always down to hang out and bond with other members outside of Circle K events. 


🚊 Gina Tran, Pierce College, Metro 🚊

I am nominating her because as Club President, she is very determined. Also, I am seeing great things from her club despite how small the club is. Gina’s leadership is through the roof as her club is going to have their in-person service event after being stuck with Covid. I am sure Gina and her club will gain great accomplishments as a whole. Also, they’re finally going to have in-person GM after being stuck online during COVID. Hooray!


🐼 Kristine Mangahas, UC San Diego, Paradise 🍍

Kristine is a returning member who is very supportive of the District! Earlier this term, she drove over 5 hours from and to San Diego to represent Circle K and our District at CNH Kiwanis DCON in Indian Wells, CA for an entire weekend. She is also the Team Activities Chair for the Fall Training Conference Committee and has been doing great work to recruit team leaders and plan activities despite having very limited time to plan. Finally, she is always down to take the time to check in personally with other members outside of Circle K meetings and events.


🦈 Vladimir Rosales, San José State University, Sunset 🐤

Despite having to unfortunately live far from campus, Vladimir always manages to give it his all when it comes to helping out his Circle K club. He constantly radiates positive vibes and never fails to cheer up his fellow members. As VPS, Vladimir maintains contact with people to have service events for the club which gains so much respect from his peers.


Want to ⭐️ recognize someone ⭐️ as a ☀️ District Member of the Month ☀️ for their outstanding dedication to Circle K? Recommend them to be recognized on the  📣 Member of the Month Nomination Form: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223motm.


Nominations are due on the 20th of each month. So, nominations for the 🍁 November 2022 Members of the Month 🦃 are due on 🍂 November 20th 🥧.


🍁 Fall Training Conference Awards Recipients 🏅


Congratulations to our FTC Awards Recipients, and huge shoutout to all the clubs who applied for an award! 


Outstanding Club T-Shirt Award 👕

🥇First Place: Orange Coast College

🥈Second Place: University of California, Irvine

🥉Third Place: University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Outstanding Club Video Award 🎥

🥇First Place: California State University, Fullerton

Watch CSU Fullerton’s video here: https://youtu.be/3-nJJS3HVAQ 


The District Member Recognition team can’t wait to recognize you and more members and clubs again at District Convention 2023! Until then, stay sunny CNH! ☀️