☀️ Hello Sunny CNH! ☀️


September is now over which means it’s time to recognize the 🍁 September 2022 Members of the Month 🍂! 


Congratulations to…

Graphic Credit: Angelina Moonswami


🐮 AJ Hurtado, UN Reno, Capital 🐮

AJ is a returning member and has already helped in more ways than expected! He helped out during the club’s Welcome Week, supported all board members, and really encouraged new members to join. AJ goes above and beyond what’s expected of a member and never fails to lend a helping hand while having a smile the whole time!


🐢 Riley Pukey, CSU Stanislaus, Central Coast 🐢

Throughout the summer, Riley gradually got into his flow within his positions, Secretary and Treasurer. This month, Riley was active at the CSU Stanislaus Club Fair as well as the planning and hosting of his club’s first meeting and other various events. Furthermore, Riley has also been getting more involved on the District level by attending various Sundown webinars, including the MRP & MRS Webinar this month. Riley continues to make great strides within his club and looks to further continue throughout the rest of the term.


🍊 Elizabeth Barajas, CSU Fullerton, Citrus 🍊

Over the course of their CKI journey, this member has been a bit on the more reserved side. But as the Treasurer for CSUF this term, I’ve seen them really step out of their shell and get more involved in CKI. Elizabeth has attended practically every event her home club put together during the month and has been a valued support to her fellow board officers in the organization of said events. Since this past month has been recruitment season, Elizabeth has made a strong conscious effort to be inclusive and reach out to new members, strengthening our connection with them. Elizabeth has also been strengthening her bonds/dynamics between the multiple groups she’s in, whether it be her board dynamics, her Big/Little dynamic, or her bond in her respective family in our club’s family system. 


🌵 Cemone Olivia, UC Riverside, Desert Oasis 🌵

Cemone currently serves as the 2022-2023 Member Development, Education, & Recognition Chair for her home club! She is such a bright and bubbly personality who is always able to cheer up the room. Her smile is contagious and it’s been a joy to work with her, albeit indirectly. She truly does care so much about members and is always planning and innovating new workshops, webinars, resources, and more. She interacts on both the club and Division level – always making an effort to be there online as well as in-person. She is super passionate about her university, her club, and the future. She truly does lead by example and UCR Circle K wouldn’t be the same without her. I can’t wait to see what she is able to accomplish this term!! <3


🔥 Nicole Wu, Cal Poly Pomona, Foothill 🔥

Nicole has been an active member since last term. She has been a member of the Appointed Board and has stepped in as the President for this term. Additionally, she has been hosting events for her club and is always bringing a warm welcoming environment to her members. Nicole has also been very supportive on the Divisional level and is very flexible with her workflow. In the end, her hard work deserves to shine as bright as sunny CNH! Keep up the work Nicole!! 


🌉 Joanne Cabanlit, CSU East Bay, Golden Gate 🦭

Joanne is the President of her home club. This is actually her second consecutive term as President! Despite long commutes, she has shown consistent involvement on the Division and District level by attending most DCMs, Spring Training Conference, Presidents’ Retreat, participating in CNH CKI Week, and even promoting Fall Training Conference to her club. Joanne is very resourceful and puts in the effort to lead and improve her club by reaching out to not only her Lieutenant Governor, but multiple District Board members. On top of this, she organized and hosted very successful Welcome Week events and is the sweetest person ever <33


🚊 Sandra Kim, UC Los Angeles, Metro 🚊

This nominee has been going far and beyond within her position as Graphic Chair in her own club. Many of her peers adore her work/effort when sharing her graphics for advertising the club. She is very slay!


🐼 Glenn Montepiedra, UC San Diego, Paradise 🍍

Glenn is the Secretary of his home club — he is always on time with documents and dedicates a lot of time to ensuring the club runs smoothly. He even reached out to the District Member Recognition & Education Chair with great questions.


🦈 Anthony Calio, San Jose State University, Sunset 🐤

Tony Calio is his home club’s Historian and has done fabulous work with his photography craftsmanship. His stunning artworks blow the minds of his fellow members in Circle K. He has done a great job interacting with new members and making them feel welcome in the community.


Want to ⭐️ recognize someone ⭐️ as a ☀️ District Member of the Month ☀️ for their outstanding dedication to Circle K? Recommend them to be recognized on the  📣 Member of the Month Nomination Form: https://bit.ly/cnhcki-2223motm.

Nominations are due on the 20th of each month. So, nominations for the 🎃 October 2022 Members of the Month 👻 are due on 🍂 October 20th 👽.