We've reached the last week of November Member Recognition Mondays! This week, we are showcasing the October Members of the Month from across the district. These individuals stood out to their Lt. Governors for their selfless display of service, leadership, and fellowship. Catch you all next month when we spotlight members who share the gift of giving and embody the kindness, selflessness, and warmth of the holiday season.

Capital: Jasmine So, UC Davis

Jasmine has been showing tremendous growth in her time in Circle K. During the summer, she was heavily involved in her hometown with Delta College and she brought that passion everywhere she went! She never fails to make anyone smile at a Circle K event! She had been working really hard at Fall CLSSP committee and several UC Davis, interclub, and Capital events! Because of her great presence, I have no hesitation in nominating Jasmine So as member of the month.

Central Coast: Kaz Fujita, Ventura College

Kaz is the club secretary for Ventura and is always willing to help beyond his position! He attends every meeting and is a great person to work with! He's so instrumental to the club's success because he works directly with the school in order for them to get funding, which is really important!

Desert Oasis: Jonathan Martinez-Carrera, Norco College

John became Norco College CKI's president in late September and has since helped the club recover from having zero members and activity. He is eager to learn and is enthusiastic about his work for the club. John is not afraid to ask questions when he needs to and that only further shows his willingness to learn, and he applies these learned skills for the benefit of his club. Norco CKI has a lot in store for this year and I can't wait to see what else the board has in store. Be sure to say hello to John next time you see him at a division or district event!

Foothill: Neal Biery, Pasadena City College

Neal devotes much of his time towards Circle K! He is one of most active general members in Foothill as he serves his community, bonds with his Foothill family and grows continually throughout his Circle K journey. He is full of surprises, humor and immense care demonstrated through his involvement through any event! Love ya Neal <3

Golden Gate: William Suy, San Francisco State

William is a new member that has been increasingly active in his home club and in the division. We look forward to seeing how he will grow throughout the term!

Magic Kingdom: Jan Lapira, Saddleback College

Jan has been such a dedicated and active member throughout the whole term. He inspires other general members to follow in his footsteps and stay passionate for CKI through the tenets of Circle K. Not only has Jan been able to bond with members from his home club, but also, he is able to comfortably interact with people from all over the division! It’s always great seeing Jan at events! From working hard and serving the community to tricking people to look at the ‘OK’ hand signal below someone’s waist to punch them, his positive vibes always keep our division flowing! Jan has been actively participating within the division and we can’t wait to see where his passion and dedication takes him!

Metro: Sandy Liang, CSU Northridge

Sandy has gone above and beyond by keeping the board together. She's also chaired club projects such as Member Induction Night, planning board meetings, and putting together the club's Families on top of balancing classes and her duties as an Resident Advisor! She might be on #teamnosleep at times, but her puns and presence can always be felt!

Paradise: Daniel Preciado, Palomar College

Daniel has shown great passion for Circle K. He has attended almost all of the service projects, meetings, District webinars, and plans to attend two upcoming District events. Overall, Daniel inspires many others in the club to show greater dedication and enthusiasm for service, fellowship, and leadership.

Sunset: Jaslene Sung, Foothill College

Jaslene actually currently serves as Foothill College's Treasurer! She's very kind hearted and is willing to put her effort into Circle K! She wishes the best for her club and has been a huge help with their board. She enjoys attending club, divisional and district events, so be sure to say hi to her when you get the chance!