We've reached the last week of September Member Recognition Mondays! This week, we are showcasing the following individuals who stood out to their Lt. Governors for their selfless display of service, leadership, and fellowship. Catch you all next month when we spotlight members who promote spirit in Circle K.

Capital: Joan Casabar, UN Reno

No matter the distance, Joan has shown a large presence to our clubs and divisional events throughout the summer. She makes sure that members from UN Reno are able to attend our DCMs and events and it has been a pleasure for the division to have overall! Good Job!

Central Coast: Maria Anguiano, Cal Poly SLO

Maria has been active in service in San Luis Obispo over the summer and has accumulated the most service hours in the club over the summer! She has given back to her community in SLO! Way to go!

Desert Oasis: Jacob Lockhart, UN Las Vegas

Jacob has remained active this summer, going to services and socials and doing a great job in recruiting new members while tabling at new student orientations. Jacob has even been kind enough to let us use his house for WAW events. Jacob is great, and his positive spirit ensures that he becomes everyone's tomodachi!

Foothill: Claudia Bobadilla, CSU Los Angeles

She is a lovely sleepy-tary, who has gone quite out of her comfort zone due to Circle K. However, she doesn't let this hold her back and continues to grow within the organization! With every event, her smile grows brighter and confidence stronger. Claudia is an enchanting, hard working person, whom members love to grow closer too!

Golden Gate: Lucy Peng, UC Berkeley

Lucy has stayed active within UC Berkeley Circle K during the summer even though she has a lot of other academic engagements. She showed up to service events and general meetings and continued to dedicate herself in interacting with other members.

Magic Kingdom: Ngoc Nguyen, Orange Coast College

Ngoc Nguyen has been superstar member during the whole summer! From volunteering every week to helping out her board to chairing events, Ngoc has endlessly support her home club and the Magic Kingdom Division!

Metro: Steve Lopez, CSU Northridge

Steve has been going to events and gracing all of the photos with a big nice smile. The heat does not get in Steve's way because day after day, he returns to greet new people at Divisional Council Meetings and introduces himself to new people in webinars. He sets the example by expressing his thoughts to people and provides insight to others when there are times of uncertainty. Steve is always within reach and ready to deliver service.

Paradise: Megan Trinh, CSU San Marcos

She goes above and beyond her duties on a day to day basis. She is always the voice of reason and the glue of the club.

Sunset: Erin Liao, Foothill College

Erin has been really proactive with her club over summer in terms of service projects and summer general meetings! She was also able to step out of her comfort zone and was able to take the vacancy as President for her club! That being said, everyone wishes Erin the best of luck on her term.