Good Afternoon Sunny CNH! ☀️

Welcome to the final month of Member Recognition Mondays! This month, the District Member Recognition Committee will be recognizing individuals from every division for the next four weeks. The district and its members would like to thank all of these individuals for being a constant throughout the term! Without further ado, let’s get to it!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Brandon Capulong, CSU Sacramento

Brandon is one of the most dedicated and creative individuals I have ever met in Circle K. He is always involved in meetings, club events, board positions, etc. He never fails to support board members when they need help, he never fails to support new members by attending events they chair, and he even supports the district by being on TWO district committees.
Fun Fact: Brandon has so many board games and video games he usually brings to socials/events for members to play with!
🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Nicolas Wright, Cal Poly SLO

Having recently returned from a semester study abroad trip to Japan, Nicolas Wright has started this semester working hard as the Vice President of Service for Cal Poly SLO’s CKI, in addition to being an active member on the Club Building & Revitalization Committee! Nicolas has recently put together a Service Marathon for Cal Poly CKI which provided opportunities for service from 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM! In addition to the Service Marathon, Nicolas also helped to plan a Winter Ball for Cal Poly CKI’s members, while additionally making graphics for events like these as well as numerous future events. Nicolas also actively works on the Club Building & Revitalization Committee, where he not only supports his fellow committee members, but has also recently been helping to charter a new CKI branch at Oxnard College! After Nicolas returned to Cal Poly, we can definitely see that he has really taken the extra step in terms of commitment, and we are happy to have him!
Fun Fact: Coco misses him!
🍊Citrus Division🍊
Yvonne Dai, UC Irvine

Yvonne has been an amazing addition to UCI Circle K not only as a big within our family system, but also within her position as a Fundraising Chair for the club. She has gone above and beyond, along with her holding of research lab positions and multiple classes, to ensure that not only are these events perfect as an event itself, but also furthermore in her ability to ensure that they are perfect for the people that attend them. She has demonstrated this in a multitude of ways to help be very inclusive with the members of her fam (Go Honeybee hehe) and also most definitely in how she manages fundraising events to not only be profitable to the organizations they benefit, but also interactive, inclusive, and overall enjoyable for the members that partake in them. For instance, Yvonne best showed her ability in creating a new large scale fundraiser during Fall Quarter this year, where she and her committee made sure it was both enjoyable, safe, and reasonable for all attendees. She even better demonstrated this with another large scale project our club holds, Mr. CKI. Originally being a parody male “pageant show” event, following concerns of LGBT and identity inclusivity, Yvonne made sure to go the extra mile to rebrand the event to be all around inclusive while trying to retain much of the traditions of this event that our club holds.
Fun Fact: Yvonne has a very cute beagle named Sam!
🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Andrew Chang, UC Riverside

Andrew stepped up to become a board member on the divisional level for a second term and has been supportive of his members by attending their events and providing words of affirmations. Throughout our DLT meetings, Andrew is always asking to see how people are doing and is always genuinely interested his fellow member’s lives.
Fun Fact: Andrew likes green dogs.
🔥Foothill Division🔥
Vincent Vu, Cal Poly Pomona

Vincent goes out of his way to individually message members and ask them about how they are doing, and how their day went. In addition to that, he always makes sure to be inclusive of all members so that everyone feels welcome. Although it might seem like a small thing, these small interactions really go a long way.
Fun Fact: Vincent likes to drink coca cola in wine glasses.
🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Sammi Kwong, San Francisco State University

Through her position as an officer Sammi has made sure the club has stayed on track this term. She’s very helpful during events and loves to engage with her CKI club friends.
Fun Fact: Sammi has an unofficial pet named “Coal.”


🚊Metro Division🚊
Leslie Cheng, UCLA

Leslie is always very responsive and reaches out to all of the K-Fam chairs and representatives and always tries her best to support them, but not only them, she is always reaching out to me to ask if I need any help internally within our committee as well, and is always quick to get her work done.
Fun Fact: Leslie is Burmese!


🍍Paradise Division🍍
Miyu Nakajima, UC San Diego

Miyu plays a large role in much more than her home club. She serves within the District Kiwanis Family and Foundation Committee and has greatly increase Kiwanis relations for the club. She dedicates lots of time and effort as a club officer and part of the Masquerade Ball committee and is someone the entire club can rely on. No matter how much is on her plate, she gets the job done. Even in things not related to Circle K or on a personal level, Miyu is someone trustworthy and reliable. UCSD Circle K would not be the same without her.
Fun Fact: Miyu is from San Jose and does all kinds of dancing.


🌅Sunset Division🌅
Nicolette Cruz, UC Santa Cruz

Nicolette, Nico for short, is currently serving as the Public Relations Chair on the Sunset Divisional Leadership Team as well as the Graphics Chair on District Convention Committee. She has not only been trying her best to manage all of her work while focusing on herself and schoolwork but she also makes time to support the people on both her teams. Despite her busy schedule, she never fails to ask how her teammates are doing emotionally and mentally. Being on a team with her, without a doubt you can feel her genuine love and care for you!
Fun Fact: Nico has a hot pot addiction!



Thank y’all for tuning in and we’ll see you next week with another round of recognition!