Good evening, CNH Circle K!

To those who have attended Fall Training Conference 2018, welcome back! It’s November and we have a brand new set of Member Recognition Monday recognizing new members!

This month there are not any questions; however, there are still blurbs from the Lieutenant Governors who have chosen the new members to be recognized.

Without further ado, let’s start off with the northern region of our District!


Capital Division
Patricia Esparza, San Joaquin Delta College

BlurbPositivity and happiness always come about when this member is around. Patricia is always ready to cheer her heart out for all members of our division and is always making the most out of every opportunity and event throughout Capital Division. While she may have just recently joined, she has done so much with the time she has already spent with us and we couldn’t be happier to have her here with us!

Golden Gate Division
Ryan Luu, CSU East Bay

Blurb“Despite being a freshman, Ryan already went to multiple service and social events. When he joins our team going to CKI North, he is a good team player and also shows sportsmanship toward other schools. Recently, he registers to go to FTC and even make new cheers for our school.”

Sunset Division
Ryan Mariveles, UC Santa Cruz

Blurb: Ryan is a first year attending UCSC and as a new member, he as been showing a lot of enthusiasm at events. His positive energy and spirit can be shown and is evident as well. We look forward to his journey in CKI and Sunset.

Stay tuned to next week to see which new members will be recognized from the central region of our District!