Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!

Welcome to the SPOOKIEST month of Member Recognition Mondays👻! The month of October is being dedicated to the members who have gone out of their way to make others feel appreciated! As always, week one means we are recognizing the northern divisions of Capital, Golden Gate, and Sunset.


🦅Capital Division🦅
Angela Wong, Sacramento State University

Angela currently serves as Sacramento State Circle K’s Vice President of Service, but her leadership roots go further back as she also served as Key Club’s Division 2 Lieutenant Governor. Always greeting members with a bright smile, Angela has been a constant welcoming face to the club’s new and old members. With new members coming in at the beginning of the school year, Angela made sure that she was present at all club events to give them a sense of familiarity and comfort. Although she holds multiple positions in not only the club but district, Angela makes sure that her members are treated as her equals. She never lets her titles define who she is and how she interacts with others. Angela exemplifies exactly what a successful leader is and her strive for success will bring not only herself but also the club to new heights.
Fun Fact: She used to be Division 2 LTG in Key Club last year!


🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Kevin Le, Diablo Valley College

Kevin has been an amazing asset to DVC in helping out inside and outside of meetings and events. From assisting in decision making, and engaging in all service events. He has been on top of his game and continues to shine as a member.
Fun Fact: Likes nature and taking pictures, but is allergic to grass.


🌅Sunset Division🌅
Glen Thomas Hubahib, San Jose State University

Glen is a walking ball of sunshine and energy! He always has a positive attitude with the members, and makes everyone feel extremely welcomed! When people look down or bored he always goes out of his way to cheer them up, whether it may be with bad jokes or funny memes.
Fun Fact: If you show him a random manga page, he will most likely be able to guess which manga it is from.


Thank you all for tuning in and don’t forget to come back next week when we spotlight the central divisions!