Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,
With August making way for September, that means we have a whole new round of Member Recognition Mondays! A new school year is starting, so that usually means recruitment. Sometimes it takes a little more courage to stand out and table to potential members. Thus, the CKI members you will be seeing this month are those who were nominated by their peers and thought to have truly went above and beyond their comfort zone.  
See what the Lieutenant Governors had to say about them, and their answers to three NEW questions as seen below:
1. Who/what motivated you to join and stay in CKI?
2. What’s a body part that wouldn’t mind losing, and why?
3. What are some ways you got out of your comfort zone this year?
Capital Division
Kanza Choudhary, UC Davis
“Kanza was a family head for UC Davis CKI last year, but now serves as the Member Development & Education Chair! This is a position that UCD CKI usually has two co-chairs for, since they are in charge of the entire big/little program (which includes events, requirements, and pairing littles with bigs), as well as workshops and Key to Life. But Kanza is over here doing it all on her own, even though she was used to working as a co-family head, which is a major step and the first time in a while where she is the only MD&E chair. She has already organized two successful workshops during the school year and is planning more for Fall Welcome Week, and she is planning the club’s Big/Little Program as well. Ultimately, Kanza has gone out of her way to support other clubs throughout Capital Division and has showcased dedication, passion, and spirit in everything she does and goes to!”
1. Being a Key Clubber throughout highschool was my main motivation to join CKI. I knew CKI was going to be a new experience but it would also feel like home. It was hard to stay involved my first year but there were many people who made we want to stay. Some include my good friends Ada, Sara, and Nora as well as our IP president 17-18 Tiffany Hoang. They would reach out to me during meetings/events, basically welcoming me to the club with open arms.  😊
2. A body part I wouldn’t mind losing… do internal organs count? Like I still have my appendix and I wouldn’t mind losing that because I can survive without it haha 😂
3. Some ways I got out of my comfort zone this year was actually going on a road trip to SoCal with my best friends this summer. It was a new experience that made feel like an “adult” adult so yeah. Tbh a lot of things are out of my comfort zones but I try to push my self to try doing them because it’s through experience that we can learn and grow 😊

Golden Gate Division

Kaitlyn Chieh, UC Berkeley
“Kaitlyn is a second year at UC Berkeley and is serving as the club’s Membership Development Chair. Throughout the summer, she has been been actively going to divisional events and gone out of her way to meet people outside of UC Berkeley for the first time! She has also been working hard on planning family system activities and events for the Fall. We can’t wait to see what else Kaitlyn will a part of this term!”

1. I joined CKI because I wanted to continue my passion for service in high school to college! After attending Circle K’s first general meeting, I was so shocked, in a good way, with the amount of passion everyone had for service. I remember the board members being so enthusiastic about their own committee and I was constantly smiling in that one full hour. The people at CKI welcomed me with open arms and everyone was so willing to answer my questions. So, the people and their love for service really motivated me to stay in CKI.  
2. This is a hard one! I wouldn’t mind losing my pinky toe because I don’t think it is as important as my other body parts!
3. One significant way that I got out of my comfort zone was to block out what I think other people may think about a particular idea or issue. This really helped me articulate my opinions, questions, and concerns.

Sunset Division

Thaw Myint, San Jose State University
“Thaw is a third year at San Jose State University and serves as the Sunset Division Service Chair for the 2018-2019 term. He has been working hard throughout the summer planning service projects for our division. In addition, he has been coming out to many of our division events and constantly check in to make sure our members are doing well.”

1. The person that motivated me to join and stay in CKI is Andy Kwong. He was the Vice President of Service at SJSU Circle K last term. Had he not push me to go to the club meetings, I would’ve never joined Circle K.
2. I wouldn’t mind losing my pinky toes. I don’t see the use for them. Their existence is very questionable.
3. To be honest, I couldn’t see myself being a part of the divisional leadership team. Yet here I am as the Service Chair of Sunset division. I learned that you can only grow if you are willing to take chances and step out of your comfort zone.