Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

Welcome to week 3 of August Member Recognition Mondays! MR Mondays is a District recognition program aimed to recognize Circle K members for their involvement in our organization. The members seen below are a few of who of our peers believe have been very active over the summer.

See what the Lieutenant Governors had to say about them, and their answers to these three questions:

1. Who do you look up to in Circle K, and why?
2. What’s invisible but you wish people can see?
3. Through what medium would you like to get cool when you have been wandering under the sun all day?

Magic Kingdom Division
Adam Djabra, CSU Fullerton
“Distance doesn’t stop this member! From attending his home club’s Summer Retreat to chairing service projects – this member goes above and beyond. Aside from only having been in the club for a few months, Adam lives in LA during the Summer, yet takes the time to come out to OC to support his home club. He’s also involved in District Committees and Club Committees. He helped the club PR Chair create the first newsletter for this term and also serves on the District MR Committee. He has also been training as a family head to get ready for recruitment in the Fall! You go Adam!”

1. I would say board as they have been supportive to me in my Circle K endeavors. They are people that put a lot effort in preserving the three tenants of Circle K, and I look up to that a lot as that is the reason why I got engaged with the club as much as I have.

2. I would say emotions so people can understand one another better.

3. Drinking some nice old iced water.

Metro Division
Alex Kwong, UC Los Angeles
“Alex recently transferred to UCLA from Sac City College! Since he transferred he’s already attended a bunch of club and divisional events while meeting a whole bunch of new friends! Even though he’s taking summer classes he still makes an effort to stay active.”

1. I look up to Andy Alba from UC Davis because he was a transfer student just like me who choose to go to school in a different division, he gave me a lot of advice on choosing the right school for myself and not letting Circle K be a factor in choosing a school that’s perfect for you. He’s very inspiring because in his first year in Capital he served on the DLT, and he even ran for LTG this past DCON where I was able to introduce him.

2. I think that privilege is something that is really invisible to many people living in the U.S. and other developed countries. It’s really sad to think that people have to go through specific experiences like community service or visiting another country, to realize how privileged they are, and it’s even sadder that many people of the younger generation are ungrateful for what they have already

3. i guess through an ice cold drink (either milk tea or a smoothie) or fruit (like watermelon or mangoes), also by being indoors with air conditioning.

Paradise Division
Olivia Mercado, Grossmont College
“Olivia is serving a second term as the president of Grossmont College. She has been a wonderful president and friend and I am so happy to see her getting the recognition she deserves. She works tirelessly for her club and always finds events for her members to attend. Although Grossmont may be small in size they are big in heart. She is incredibly kind and caring and her club reflects those values. She is a strong and persevering president but has a warmth and welcome personality to every stranger she meets.”

1. I would have to say Jakob Woo-Ming. Since chartering a Circle K at our school, Jakob has been super supportive by attending our meetings and events.

2. I wish we had the ability to see the Invisible Boatmobile

3. To cool off I would get a mountain dew baja blast freeze from taco bell

Stay tuned to next week for our last August MR Mondays! Please do not forget to nominate someone who is not afraid to go beyond their comfort zone for the month of September!