Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!


Welcome to the third week of MR Mondays! We are spotlighting members from the southern divisions in Citrus, Metro, and Paradise for remaining active and spreading positivity to other members throughout this online period.


Please join me in congratulating…


šŸŠCitrus DivisionšŸŠ

Aaron Concepcion, Cypress College

Aaron is a third-year music major attending Cypress College. Naturally, he has a passion for music. He is also super passionate about Circle K!

Fun Fact: Aaron loves hiking!


šŸšŠMetro DivisionšŸšŠ

Audrey Halim, CSU Long Beach

Audrey throughout the past couple of months has been a key player in Metro really keeping service going. She has also been supporting Long Beach by creating fellowship opportunities and spreading positivity by establishing the club Discord Server. Audrey can always be found at most of her club events and almost all divisional and district events.

Fun Fact: Audrey does mixed martial arts (MMA)!


šŸParadise DivisionšŸ

Justin Fong, UC San Diego

During his first initial months of becoming VPA for UCSD, he went above and beyond creating a welcome environment for his all of Paradise to feel welcome at UCSD events. He did this by planning and executing a “Week in Paradise” event where all schools from San Diego to Hawai’i collaborated on joint events from watching movies, doing service, and playing games. This week in Paradise led up to Divisional Council Meeting where everyone definitely had made great memories with each other throughout the week. His strong presence in any event he goes to is definitely unmatched, and his smile, even through a Zoom meeting, lights up any room.

Fun Fact: His favorite animal is the Blobfish.


Exciting news!!! The nomination form for September MR Mondays is being released TODAY! Do you know a member who has utilized the summer time to build a foundation for the upcoming fall term? If you do, then you should nominate them! Click HERE to access the nomination form!

Nominations will close next Monday, August 24th at 10PM PDT/7PM HST!

Stick around next week as we reveal the Member of the Month for every division in our district!