Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!

As we move into February, we want to recognize members deserving of recognition! Letā€™s recognize these amazing members!

Congratulations to…

šŸ¦…Capital DivisionšŸ¦…
Marcel Rodriguez, CSU Sacramento

For hosting Marcel’s Marvelous Marvel Movie Marathon this past month. Along with that, his engaging and chill personality during all these planned fellowship events he chaired made a welcoming environment for new members to stay and vibe this term. He constantly tries his best to lay down a comfortable and fun environment for everyone through his different social ideas.

šŸ¢Central Coast DivisionšŸ¢
Brian Nito, CSU Channel Islands

Brian is a hardworking VPS from CSU Channel Islands. He has hosted multiple inter-clubs and provided opportunities for his members during this online period.

šŸŠCitrus DivisionšŸŠ
Tiffany Nguyen, UC Irvine

As the VPS of UC Irvine, Tiffany works really hard along with her service committee to provide the best service opportunities for her club. She hosts Interclub events in the month and even a service marathon the day before her birthday! Her dedication to service is what I appreciate the most <3

šŸŒµDesert Oasis DivisionšŸŒµ
Aerrow Cruz, UN Las Vegas

Aerrowā€™s been on appointed board for three years now and she contributes SO much to the club. I donā€™t know where we would be without Aerrow. We appreciate you!

šŸ”„Foothill DivisionšŸ”„
Lindsey Nguyen, Pasadena City College

Lindsey is an active member at Pasadena City College, attending most club events and taking on the graphic designer role of PCC’s Winter Service Marathon committee! During this event, she hosted her own service project, helped out with activities, and even raised the most funds!

šŸŒ‰Golden Gate DivisionšŸŒ‰
Caitlin Aladham, UC Berkeley

Caitlin is a hardworking, dedicated member of UC Berkeley Circle K and the Golden Gate Division. She has hosted lots of fundraising events including the clubā€™s most recent event, Pageant K! The club is truly lucky to have Caitlin.

šŸšŠMetro DivisionšŸšŠ
Alex Liang, University of Southern California

Alex is the president of his club at USC. After the school year began, Alex and his club became overwhelmed with academic responsibilities, but he still managed to push through whatever challenge came his way. Because Alex remained dedicated, he was recently able to host a large Secret Santa with his club and get them quite active again. I highly respect Alex for all his hard work to CKI, even through the stresses of school, and it is for this reason I would like to nominate him for having had a meaningful impact this past month.

šŸParadise DivisionšŸ
Jackie Soria, Grossmont College

Jackie has been one of the most active members that Grossmont CKI has ever had. She joined the club back in 2019 and a couple weeks later was elected to be the Treasurer. Ever since then she has been a huge success to Grossmont CKI’s growth. Although Grossmont is sad that she is graduating this semester, they are happy and excited to see where life takes her!

šŸŒ…Sunset DivisionšŸŒ…
Kien Troung, San Jose State University

From Service to Leadership, this VPS has had great attendance this term.

For MR Mondays next month, weā€™ll be an opportunity for you guys to shout out members who have inspired you, supported you, or are deserving of recognition through Member Recognition Tag!