Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!

Welcome to the last week of this month’s prompt spotlighting members throughout the district for showing potential as a future leader this term. These individuals from the southern divisions of Citrus, Metro, and Paradise were chosen by their respective Lieutenant Governors. Please join me in congratulating them!


🍊Citrus Division🍊
Sebastian Cediel, Irvine Valley College

Sebastian supports and helps his club in so many different ways even though he’s only a general member. He goes above and beyond to make new members and old members all feel comfortable. He does this by telling jokes, approaching people who tend to be more quiet, overall putting in a lot of effort to make everyone feel included. He does his best to support his board through his attendance for club and divisional events. He attends as many events as possible and always brings the best attitude even when our club is making pancakes in the pouring rain and everything is flying away!
Fun Fact: Sebastian puts ketchup on EVERYTHING!


🚊Metro Division🚊
Jay Lee, University of Southern California

Jay is an energetic beam of light from USC and serves as the Vice President of Service with a smile. He has enthusiasm and is always willing to start up a conversation with anyone. His leadership in helping host the November DCM ensured the event ran smoothly. Jay is a great member of Metro and continues to be a valuable officer for his club.
Fun Fact: Jay won a spelling bee in 3rd grade!


🍍Paradise Division🍍
Alana Kahawai, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Throughout this term, Alana has taken initiative whenever and wherever needed. From helping run club meetings, becoming a head for planning events, and chairing events, Alana is there to help. Recently, UH Manoa hosted a Key to College and she helped organize the entire event by helping with workshop blocks, activities, encouraging and incorporating member involvement during presentations, and anything else that was missed. She brings those around her together and inspires those around her.
Fun Fact: Alana does NOT like peanut butter.



We have finally reached the final prompt of the term! For the month of February, we will be spotlighting members who are constantly looking after their peers and supporting them.

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Nominations will close next Monday, January 27th at 10PM PDT/8PM HST!



Thank you all for tuning in and we’ll see you next week with December Member of the Month!