Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

It is already week 3 of October, so that means we have another round of recognition until next week! Completing the prompt of this month, the last three individuals are from the southern region of our District!

Here are what their Lieutenant Governors thought about them as well as their answers to three new questions the District Member Recognition Committee had picked for them to answer.

1. What is an event that is coming up this term you are most looking forward to? Why? 
2. If you woke up and it was raining food, what kind of f
ood(s) would there be? 
3. What keeps you moving when life throws you lemons?

Magic Kingdom Division
Gina Dinh, Orange Coast College

Gina is a general member at Orange Coast College CKI whose excitement and dedication to Circle K leads to positive vibes! She’s always happy and in a good mood, which radiates to those around her! She is friendly, outgoing and full of POTENTIAL!!!”

1. The event that I’m looking forward to the most is the Fall Training Conference. FTC looks like an awesome event where you can bond with your club members by having an awesome time. I’m looking forward to watching skits and doing fun service activities with my fellow friends.

2. If there was any food that I want to fall out of the sky it would be pasta, because it’s one of my favorite foods. Also pasta is really messy and fun to to play with, so it’d be an awesome food fight. Imagine getting sauce and noodles on you, I think it would be really fun.

3. What keeps me going when life throws me lemons is hope. When I’m feeling down the idea that there is a better future makes me feel motivated. There will always be struggles in life but there is always a better future with the right mindset.

Metro Division
Adrian Sagun, CSU Northridge

Adrian is a new member of CSUN! He started participating in events during the summer, but since he’s joined there haa been nothing but laughter and smiles when he’s around!”

1. Our upcoming Training Conferences! Unfortunately I’m unable to come for FTC, but I’m keeping my options open since there’s gonna be more.

2. If it was raining food, it would be raining ramen (both the brother and noodles together) LOL. I would grab a bowl and let the bowl fill up with ramen and eat it once it’s full 😉

3. When life throws lemons at me, I just let it hit me because I have other things to focus on, such as my goals and the weekend 🤪.

Paradise Division
Aaron Zepeda, UC San Diego

Aaron is one of the hardest workers in Paradise. Serving in all levels of Circle K is no easy task but Aaron handles it elegantly. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and a natural talent for graphic design. Coupled with his incredibly warm and sincere personality he is someone everyone should keep an eye out for as he grows in his CKI career.”

1. 100% UCSD CIRCLE K’s MASQUERADE BALL 2018 :> !! My first mball was an unforgettable experience. You would enter and it felt like stepping into a dream, something so magical and yet so fun, it was 3 hours of pure masked bliss. Behind the scenes, it was also amazing to see the large amount of workdays pay off, with our guests enjoying the decorations that many passionate people helped piece together. But more importantly, it was the impact we were making where the only requirement is to have a night of fun! I hope to recreate these wonderful moments and much much more as part of this year’s Masquerade Ball committee, so I really hope you can make it! Expect nothing more than a night of magic, wonder, and a hint of storytelling.

2. Bacon! My breakfast almost every morning has eggs and bacon, so it would save me from having to cook that morning. I’d also like to see milk tea fall out of the sky, that would truly be something. Probably not at the same time though

3. People, it’s definitely people. Sometimes it feels like you’re alone when it comes to squeezing the lemons, but it’s easy to miss the fact that it’s usually not the case. There are caring people out there that are amazing, that would be more than happy to give a helping hand with squeezing the lemons. I think about that specifically, and about the support my friends and family give. I think about how much I care about them, and of course just how much I want to make that lemonade.

That’s enough to keep me going!



That marks the last week of MR Mondays pertaining to our prompt of this month, which was to nominate someone who you believed exuded positive vibes. Next week is all about our September Members of the Month!

Don’t forget to nominate a NEW Circle K member who has been really active for November! The form can be found on your respective divisional Facebook group page.