Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!


It’s the end of August and we have reached the conclusion of this month’s edition of Member Recognition Mondays! We’re wrapping up this month with the July Member of the Month where the individuals from all nine of our divisions will be spotlighted for embodying all three tenets!


Congratulations to…


🦅Capital Division🦅

Victoria Chau, CSU Sacramento

Victoria has continued to be not only active, but super enthusiastic and attends almost every event she is invited to. She attends multiple club meetings and service and social events throughout the district regularly. She constantly tries to make friends and bond with the attendees of events, and radiates a positive and caring vibe to everyone she meets with. She is a spark of joy to her home club and has planned so many creative and successful fundraisers as well!


🐢Central Coast Division🐢

Lizbeth Fernandez, Moorpark College 

Lizbeth is an incredibly dedicated Vice President of Service for Moorpark College. She continues to bring Service with a smile to her members and other members around CNH CKI. She may have just finished her FIRST year in CKI but she has so much leadership experience to share with everyone. She truly deserves a huge shoutout and a thank you for all her hard work.


🍊Citrus Division🍊

Allie Sondak, Chapman University 

Allie is one of the kindest and enthusiastic people you will meet! She is always coming to meetings with new ideas and is always there when you need her! She is extraordinarily passionate about service and Circle K!


🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵

James Malabanan, UN Las Vegas 

James has always been very supportive of the club, especially once we transitioned onto the online format. It was rough and our general attendance definitely took a hit, but James remained super active and encouraging no matter what might’ve gone wrong. Other than being in attendance at almost every club event, James has helped in making members feel welcomed, even if it’s through virtual connections. The club is super grateful to have such supportive members like James! <333


🔥Foothill Division🔥

Ivana Samson, Pasadena City College 

Ivana is a very active member of PCC CKI, attending most events on the division and club level as well as getting more involved at District and International conferences. Earlier this year, Ivana took up the role of Public Relations Chair on the division leadership team and has been hard at work creating a positive and welcome environment for everyone in Foothill with her puns and warm personality.


🌉Golden Gate Division🌉

Sonny Vang, Santa Rosa Junior College

Sonny is always present at our events and general meetings. He’s very intelligent, super reliable, and can always count on him for support. He also always works diligently on both of our fundraisers and service projects at Santa Rosa Junior College!


🚊Metro Division🚊

Philip Nguyen, UC Los Angeles

Philip has been super active and helpful all of this term. He ran a successful metro pen pal system, compiled and worked on the metro theme, and has been very innovative with ice breakers for dcm’s and other fellowship based events


🍍Paradise Division🍍

Blanchie Lui, UC San Diego

Blanchie started off her term by setting up a social media campaign in collaboration with Asian Miracle Marrow Matches or A3M. This organization is under Be the Match which contributes to helping people with blood cancers find life-saving blood and stem cells matches. Thanks to Blanchie’s hard work and dedication, UCSD Circle K along with other Paradise schools were able to donate $515 in A3M’s Charity 5k and raise more awareness for the cause. Alongside this collaboration, Blanchie co-hosted a weekly study event during Spring Quarter, and weekly service meetings. whew! She is an all-around amazing board member that exhibits all three Circle K tenets and doesn’t fail to hype up her fellow board members during their events.


🌅Sunset Division🌅

Amanda Arikata, De Anza College

Amanda has been doing a great job learning how to be a Treasurer, especially considering a lack of a predecessor and COVID. She has held two fundraisers already, one ongoing currently and the other extremely successful. She felt it was important to have a BLM Fundraiser and was willing to dedicate her own time to do art commissions to help raise funds, as well as working with other members to engage them. She is also engaged during our meetings and events.



This is also a reminder that the nomination form for September MR Mondays is still open! Do you know a member who has utilized the summer time to build a foundation for the upcoming fall term? If you do, then you should nominate them! Click HERE to access the nomination form!

Nominations will close TODAY Monday, August 24th at 10PM PDT/7PM HST!

Thank you all for tuning in to the first month of MR Mondays, see you next month!