Happy Holidays, CNH Circle K!


Hope you are all resting well from studying so hard this fall semester/ quarter. As we are taking breaks from a lot of things, MR Mondays are still here for you to stay a tiny bit updated with what is going on with the District. This week is all about our nine Members of the Month, who excelled in our three tenets for the month of November.

Check out below to see what the Lieutenant Governors’ have to say about them!

Capital Division
Aric Sparrow, CSU Sacramento
Aric Sparrow is a spirited and active individual who has become more dedicated to Circle K whether it be attending events with his home club or on the divisional level. Aric has showcased so much spirit and joy recently at Crazy Kompetition for Infants North and at Fall Training Conference and at various events; it makes many of us happy to witness it all! While he is still new to our Capital CKI Family, he has done so much and we are all glad to have him here! He has made such an active presence in Capital Division and plans to take in every experience that this organization has to offer! The Eagle of the Month goes to Aric Sparrow from Sacramento State University.”


Central Coast Division
Wendy Zhang, UC Santa Barbara
She has helped our division out so much in the past month in preparation for FTC!! She designed all our spirit gear and it looks so awesome! Bringing spirit to our division is one of my priorities as LTG, and she has been such a help with achieving that goal!”


Desert Oasis Division
Aviel Geronimo, UN Las Vegas
He’s been fulfilling his duties as PR chair perfectly, he also serves as our club’s KFam Northern Liaison and he make sures he goes to their DCMs and represent UNLV. He’s been a great mentor to his littles and he’s been attending service events despite his busy schedule with church and school.”


Foothill Division
Tabitha Anctil, Mt. San Antonio College
Tabitha Anctil shown exceptional dedication in service projects seen through her consistent attendance to events. She never fails to bring light to every event she attends because of her positive nature. Under stressful circumstances within the club, she still prevails as a person who expresses and highlights the positive aspects. Nevertheless, Tabitha always strikes an engaging environment in each meeting. She only shows kindness to fellow members and contributes to the welcoming environment. For example, she connects to each club member through opening up conversations about personal interests.”


Golden Gate Division
Amanda Calindas, UC Berkeley
Amanda Calindas is a 1st year at UC Berkeley studying Architecture! Although it’s only her first semester with Circle K, she has been very involved with CKI since the summer by attending divisional events before even joining CKI officially! Amanda has been a true key player while continuing on with the Kiwanis Family after KIWIN’S. Her involvement, great attitude, and warm smiles are some of the greatest attributes on why we have selected her as November Member of the Month! We can’t wait to see what else Amanda will accomplish!”


Magic Kingdom Division
Cristian Cadena, Orange Coast College
Inclusive and genuine are two words that describe this member! At his home club, OCC, he is welcoming to new members and he even provides translation assistance to international students. Outside of Circle K, he reaches out to members about their academics and invites them to have study groups. Regardless of how many years he has been in this organization, it doesn’t stop him from being caring and genuine.”


Metro Division
Samantha Yao, UC Los Angeles
Samantha has gone above and beyond her call to service by attending club, division, and even district events while supporting those all around her! She’s very active and her lively attitude will surely get you inspired as well.”


Paradise Division
Daniel Freeman, Grossmont College
Daniel is always a cheerful and has a magnetic personality. Although relatively new he took on a leadership role and has been a strong pillar for Grossmont college this year. He works hard and always makes everyone around him as happy as he is.”


Sunset Division
Samuel Baik, De Anza College
Samuel is the VPA at De Anza College Circle K and he has been working hard with the other officers to make sure things run smoothly. He always bring good energy and positive vibe to all the events and meetings he attends. His enthusiasm can be shown through the service events and various meetings he is at. His passion and dedication are evident and he always pushes to do more and make the meetings and events better for his members.”



The nomination form for January is still open! Have someone in mind who you can nominate because they have changed for the better because of CKI? Well, click on this link HERE and you can boast all about them! With the holidays among us, the District Member Recognition Committee and I wish you all a happy and safe holiday. See you in two weeks!