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We’ve (almost) reached the last week of the year! This week, each division has chosen a member as their November Member of the Month. Scroll down below to read who has been selected and why!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Jarod Mica, Chico State University

Jarod is someone who doesn’t need recognition in order to do something. He does it out of goodness and that is what makes him an amazing leader. He constantly steps up to help his home club and make sure his member can have the best experience as possible. He was willing to drive to FTC and back to Chico (5-6hours drive) to pick up the remaining members that wanted to go to FTC. Everyone was in awe when he said that. He is a very sweet person to talk to and always support other fellow eagles in Capital.
🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Wendy Zhang, UC Santa Barbara

Wendy currently serves as the President of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Circle K International! Wendy actives manages her club, which actively puts together fundraisers and fun activities for her members, including an Induction Ceremony last month for new members! Wendy also actively works on our district’s Member Recognition Committee, where she helps by serving as the Creative Director! Throughout the term, Wendy has been an extremely dedicated individual, and we’re excited to see what she does in the future!
🍊Citrus Division🍊
Jeffrey Moreno, UC Irvine

“Tall and friendly, you can’t miss Jeffrey Moreno ‘s love for Circle K!
As their highest service hour contender, Jeff is at virtually every UCI CKI service project, and does his best to promote fellowship through his leadership position as one of UCI CKI’s family heads/bigs. As a big, he has made a friendly community with his littles and encouraged them to come out to family socials and Circle K events. He has also made an effort to make friends within the Citrus division by performing personal check-in’s and making an effort to bond outside of divisional events.
If you ever want some snacks or a smile, you can always rely on Jeff!”
🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Michael Feng, UC Riverside

Michael works diligently to bring new and fresh service opportunities to his club and works very hard to get his members involved. Michael recently planned his club’s quarterly service insomnia and had a great turnout at each event!
🔥Foothill Division🔥
Amanda Wong, East Los Angeles College

Amanda has inspired so many people to continue in Circle K. She is that friend that you can trust to go out of their way and comfort you at ungodly hours. She is an amazing president and continues to inspire everyone that she meets. She continues to be as active as she can considering her busy life with school, work and other extracurriculars. By being an amazing friend Amanda has set the standard of what a Circle K’er should look like and also strive to be. Amanda has done so much for not only her club but also her community and division! We are so lucky to have such a dedicated, passionate and motivating member in Foothill.
🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Josefina Rocha

Josie is the most kindest, hardworking, generous and creative person out there! Just being a general member, she has step up to fulfill any duty her home club offers. She lights up any room she walks in with her vibrant smile and bubbly personality. She goes out her way to meet new people in her division and attend divisional events.
🚊Metro Division🚊
Audrey Halim, CSU Long Beach

Audrey is a very ambitious first year from CSULB that is always looking for another opportunity to get more involved with Circle K. Although she is new, you wouldn’t be able to tell since she is such an easy person to talk to. Audrey consistently tries to visit different schools in Metro and make new friends along the way. Overall, her very energetic attitude and yearning to learn new things about our organization makes her a valuable addition to our division. Great job Audrey!
🍍Paradise Division🍍
Inji Hankala, San Diego State University

With her playful banter, strong opinions on how to count passed 5 on her hands, and her overall friendly personality, Inji is someone who builds immediate bonds with every returning and new member. Although she may argue with almost everyone, she is also friends with everyone and continues to recruit people into the club. She’s always one of the very first people to introduce herself to new members. goes out of her way to talk to everyone and message people individually whether it’s about attending and event or checking up on them. Once you build a bond with Inji, it’s pretty safe to say it’ll remain.
🌅Sunset Division🌅
Andre Aldana, De Anza College

Andre (who is his club’s VPA) has also taken on the role of VPS. He has been able to find and motivate people to come to not only fun service events but also socials every week since their club tabling in Fall. The club’s active membership has nearly tripled, and our members are more active than they have ever been. He goes out of his way to make everything Circle K fun for our members so that they actually want to come out to our meetings/service events. Within such a short amount of time, he has helped so much to create an actual club at De Anza, and has been an amazing friend to everyone he has met in CKI.

This is a reminder that the nomination form for January MR Mondays will be closing tonight at 10PM. If you know a member who has shown their potential as a future leader, let us know by nominating them!

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Happy Holidays everyone and we’ll see you next year!