Hello, CNH Circle K!


Welcome to the very last Member Recognition Mondays to be presented for the 2018-2019 term! It has been a great ride recognizing lots of CKI members since the beginning of August. Lastly, this week is recognizing those who their peers believe they should develop their leadership skills by becoming a leader or continue to be a leader!


Check out what the Lieutenant Governors and others have to say about them below!


Capital Division
Kimly Lewis, CSU Chico
While Kimly just joined Circle K this year, she became extremely active and even took on an executive position in her home club once the position became open mid-term. She adjusted well and has bright ideas for her club and I’m sure all of Capital can see her continuing to build her leadership in CKI in months and terms to come! We are all glad to have Jing as per of our beloved Capital family!!”


Central Coast Division
Amanda Valiente, Cal Lutheran University
She’d be a welcoming and personable leader so new members would feel comfortable approaching her and has a good work ethic so she gets things done.”


Desert Oasis Division
Aerrow Cruz, UN Las Vegas
I hope to see Aerrow continue to develop her leadership because I see a lot of potential in her. She actively participates in club events, tries her best to go to divisional events, and has interest in CKI items like workshops and District events. After only being in college for a few months, she had applied for an open position on the Appointed Board and took up a position as a chair for a continuous service project. Due to her natural interest and curiosity of all that goes on in CKI, I believe she will be an excellent leader in the future.”


Foothill Division
Daniela Lopez, Cal Poly Pomona
As a first year, Daniela has already involved herself in the division, taking part in both our DCON skit and spirit committee. She has stood out as a member who is committed to getting more involved and helping others along the same path. Not long into her term on the committee, she was already asking questions to veteran members and taking initiative by planning far in advance of each task. She truly goes above and beyond the expectations of a general member and even some experienced officers.”


Golden Gate Division
Ryan Luu, CSU East Bay
I selected him for this category just because I really value his presence and committee to CKI, his home club, and the division. He’s always very eager to participate and to get the most out of his opportunities and is always putting his best self forward, characteristics that I remember when I was a younger member of CKI! I really hope he continues on with Circle K and pursues leadership positions in the future, as he would be such a exemplary person to inspire members.”


Magic Kingdom Division
Tyler Nguyen, Saddleback College
I met Tyler at Fall Training Conference 2018 where the first words I heard him say were “how can I get more involved?” Since then Tyler has taken up the Treasurer position at Saddleback College and has represented his club well by attending divisional events and other club events!! The desire to know more and do more is a great quality in a leader and I’d love to see Tyler continue in CKI in this next term.”


Metro Division
Kevin Ru, UC Los Angeles
Kevin has so much potential to be more and achieve more! From serving his club as a fundraising chair to being an ambassador in the FiFun committee, the incredible work he’s done is worth recognizing.”


Paradise Division
Remy Sprague, San Diego State University
This is Remy’s first year in circle K and it has been amazing to see al that she does. She charges in head first and that headstrong determination is one of her best qualities. She has so much potential in this org and I know even after I’m long gone she’ll do so much. She is currently on the club’s service committee and has been under great guidance. I know with such a great foundation she’ll break new ceilings in whatever she does.”


Sunset Division
Vicky Duong, De Anza College
Vicky currently serves as the President of De Anza College Circle K and she has grown a lot the past year developing her leadership skills. She and her board has brought in a lot of fresh ideas in their club and has really helped the club grow tremendously. We admire her passion and dedication to service and we hope to see her continue to grow even more.”



For the last time from the 2018-2019 District Member Recognition Committee, thank you all so much for taking the time to recognize your peers for Member Recognition Mondays!