Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,


We hope everyone had a well-rested break this past week! With that said, we are coming back around with MR Mondays to recognize the Members of the Month of October. The members portrayed above are those who have truly exemplified our three tenets within their own division.


Without further ado, check out what the Lieutenant Governors had to say about them below!


Capital Division
Andy Chhuon, CSU Sacramento
While Andy may be a new addition to the Capital family, he has brought great joy and smiles across our division in the past 2-3 months thus far. He is always ready to serve and take on every opportunity that stands within our division and his home club. While his journey in CKI is just getting started, we are all excited to see where he continues on his CKI journey in the terms to come.”


Central Coast Division
Sabrina Hetzler, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
She has been such an active member this past month, going to EVERY division and district event in October! She was also recently appointed as Spirit & Social Chair and is making big plans for the rest of the term already! I can’t wait to see what Sabrina brings to CKI at Cal Poly!”


Desert Oasis Division
Maddie Villanueva, UC Riverside
“Maddie has been super amazing and dedicated in working endlessly on preparing for FTC as Spirit and Unity Chair! She’s also been very proactive in helping the division bring its spirit up and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my successor. She’s my sunshine in the dark and I love her so much!!” – Vanessa Kumnoonsate”


Foothill Division
Claudia Bobadilla, CSU Los Angeles
Claudia put in several hours of work, researching what kind of merchandise we could have for our spirit packs this year while dealing with a particulary hectic midterms. She would call, and email multiple companies several times; while keeping her LTG updated. Unfourtanetly, she could not attend FTC but she ensured our Phoenixes who did attend were able to show off their pride and spirit! Thank you Claudia <3″


Golden Gate Division
Veny Wijaya, Diablo Valley College
Despite being fairly new to Circle K, Veny has been super involved with going to meetings and service projects and even recently joined her club’s board as an officer. Through her exemplary involvement with Circle K thus far, we would like to recognize her for her dedication and speedy involvement with Circle K! We can’t wait to see more of what Veny will do in Circle K!”


Magic Kingdom Division
Douglas Shimizu, CSU Fullerton
This new member truly SHINES. From the beginning, Douglas has exhibited true leadership. He was one of the two members to attend every event at CSUF’s Welcome Week. He is consistently thankful and appreciative of the members and the board. He exudes SPIRIT! He is one of the dance teachers for the FTC Skit and is supportive of other members and board members in the club. He even went out of his way to house a few members from the district so that they didn’t have to drive early for CKI South. I’m so excited to see what Douglas accomplishes in the future.”


Metro Division
Belen Bravo, UC Los Angeles
Her passion for the Kiwanis Family is unlike any other! This past month she hosted UCLA’s Key To College which had a massive amount of Key Club & KIWINs attendance! But it doesn’t stop there… she has also been working on providing college applicants an opportunity for feedback on their personal statements.”


Paradise Division
Pinky Ho, San Diego State University
“Pinky is at almost every single event second only in hours to the VPS of our club. She is also an extremely spirited family head while being historian reflecting all three tenants of Circle K.”


Sunset Division
Jeffrey Chang, De Anza College
Jeffrey is a second year attending De Anza college. As a general member, he has been going above and beyond in helping his club. He has been actively involved in the club and attends the board meetings as well to help out. He has also been more active on the divisional and district levels as well by coming out to support and attend various events. His hard work can be shown throughout the past few months.”


The nomination form for December will be closing tonight at 10 PM PST/ 8 PM HST. Be sure to nominate someone who takes care of their members well while also making them feel at home. Stay tuned to next week to see MR Mondays come around full circle once again!

Nomination form can be found by clicking HERE.