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Happy November everyone, I hope y’all are prepared for some much needed rest! Like every Monday, we’re back with some more MR Mondays recognizing the Members of the Month of October! These individuals were chosen from within their divisions for embodying Service, Leadership, and Fellowship!

Read more about them below!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Marky Truong, UC Davis

Marky has been an outstanding member since she has joined CKI. She started off as a quiet individual, but has grown as a member in the club. She makes both board members and general members feel appreciated and active. She herself has embodied all three tenets. Marky is also part of multiple committees and has played a very large role in creating handmade Capital Spirit Packs for FTC. Not the loudest individual, but her involvement has truly benefited both her home club and division.
🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Sabrina Hetzler, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Sabrina Hetzler is currently the President of Cal Poly SLO’s CKI! Sabrina is extremely dedicated, as she actively participates in service! Sabrina even took the initiative to drive 5 hours from San Luis Obispo as the sole representative of Cal Poly SLO to attend Crazy Kompetition South! In addition, Sabrina works her hardest to balance her duties as president, by putting together various meetings, and attends various service events as a sole representative of Cal Poly SLO’s Circle K! We’re very proud to have this amazing president, and are very appreciative of her work over this past month!
🍊Citrus Division🍊
Kristin Kim Nguyen, UC Irvine

Kristin has stepped in to be our temporary VPS when UCI CKI was struggling and desperate for more service opportunities for our members, and then finally became elected as our official VPS. Though she wasn’t officially our VPS, she helped us so much and came through when we needed someone. Within the short amount of time she’s officially been VPS, she has been able to produce an average of 11 service projects a week, providing both quantities in projects but also, more importantly, QUALITY in the diverse range of projects she’s been providing for the members. She not only provides service projects, but she also tries hard to get to know her members, and board members, memorizing their names and nicknames in the chat (XD) within two short weeks. She has really gone above and beyond, picking up UCI CKI when it was having difficulty providing the main tenet CKI provides.
🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Vanessa Meza-Perez, UN Las Vegas

Vanessa has been working diligently to bring her club to where it needs to be and often times as president, they don’t get recognized as often as they should. Vanessa exemplifies the meaning of Circle K through her active participation in each tenet and is what members should strive to become. As a division, we are grateful for everything she does and we can’t wait to see her progress as president continue!
🔥Foothill Division🔥
Jessica Estrada, Cal Poly Pomona

CPP and Foothill Division is super lucky to also have this dedicated, passionate and active member! She has put herself out there by constantly going out and outreaching to other divisions/clubs within CNH. She really dove head first into CKI and we are super grateful of having such an active member! She is the embodiment of service, leadership and fellowship by having such a contagious smile and always being a friend to everyone around her. Jessica is bound to do amazing things within Circle K and we are here to support her! Her impact within the club is tremendous as having a fresh, active face to the division and club is immensely refreshing. You go Jessica!
🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Lucas Oneil, Diablo Valley College

Lucas even though he is DLT has gone above and beyond in his role. He takes his work on dutifully even with his coursework and more. Just like many of the other awesome guardians he brings his own light and flavor into every room he enters. He has made from friends from across golden gate and even interdivisionally. With officers and club members alike happy to see him, he is a staple of Golden Gate.
🚊Metro Division🚊
Andrew Susanto, Pierce College

Andrew has taken on the daunting task of becoming Treasurer halfway through the term. Not many people would take up the position so late but Andrew jumped into the opportunity and is doing a great job for Pierce. He has made sure that his presence is known at any event and his spirit is energetic. Andrew has been a valuable addition to the Metro family as well as his board. He’s ready to rock the world of Circle K and you know you’ll hear him at the next DCON. Awesome job Andrew!
🍍Paradise Division🍍
Zeven Vidmar Barker, UC San Diego

Zeven has a type of personality that is welcoming to everyone. His personality and aura he has is cheerful and happy whenever you see him. He actively reaches out to talk to new members of the club as well as always interacting with old members to keep the bonds within UC San Diego strong. As Fellowship chair at UCSD, Zeven has been advocating for Big-Little pairs as well as Families within the club. He has planned various socials in preparation for potential Big-Little pairings and also hosting family competitions for everyone to enjoy. With his personality and the dedication he has towards the club, Zeven has definitely made an impact on UCSD Circle K since he joined his first year.
🌅Sunset Division🌅
Jeffrey Chang, De Anza College

Currently serving as the President for his club, De Anza College, he continuously makes the effort in ensuring his members and board members feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated. He has shown a lot of growth in the past months and has a burning passion in wanting to improve himself and the club as well. Despite the troubles and hiccups throughout his term, he still keeps a bright and positive attitude at every division, district, and club event! With him, you can always guarantee a smile and a laugh every time.

Don’t forget that nomination form for December MR Mondays will be closing tonight! The prompt for this month is to nominate a member who has inspired others to stay in CKI!

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