Good afternoon, CNH Circle K,

With the spooky month of October coming to a close, this means that we are also at the mark where we recognize 9 individuals for September Members of the Month today! These members are representing their respective division for having gone above and beyond.

Here are what their Lieutenant Governors thought about them as well as their answers to three new questions the District Member Recognition Committee had picked for them to answer.

1. What is an event that is coming up this term you are most looking forward to? Why? 
2. If you woke up and it was raining food, what kind of f
ood(s) would there be? 
3. What keeps you moving when life throws you lemons?

Capital Division
Alex Kwong, Sacramento City College/ UC Los Angeles

When I first met this member, this person was incredibly quiet and reserved. There would be times I say hi and a conversation is barely made. However, as time went on and Capital events passed by, this member grew to be an incredibly leader who put all members and those around first. From offering carpool to all events, to spending every moment of the day bonding with others within this organization. To my surprise, I learned that this member became an executive officer and provided this club with great leadership that helped it grow and build a more solid foundation as the club was just chartering. Not only that, but as we found ourselves at DCON 2016, this member received the 100% On-Time MRF Award. This member had doubts in many decisions that were made, whether these decisions affected the fact where he would be attending in the fall, or if he would make it on Fall Training Conference Committee, in the end e did. You may have seen him around making paper cranes out of whatever material he could find, or maybe you can spot him shouting “Caboose” from an inside divisional joke at Go West 2017. It saddens me to say that September DCM/DSP will be his very last Capital Division event before he moves to SoCal to attend UCLA this fall, but wherever he goes, I know that he will be successful in whatever he does. Just know that even from Metro Division, you will always have a home right here in our Capital Family! From Sacramento City College, last year’s Distinguished Secretary, Eagle of the Month goes to Alex Kwong.”

1. I am most looking forward to Fall Training Conference not just because I am on committee this year, but it was the event that made me fall in love with Circle K as a new member last year and it really made me driven to accomplish my goals within this organization, hence me being on committee! I’ve been working with the most amazing, whole-hearted, and wildest committee for the past few months to make this event possible and to give new members the experience I had before, and I’m excited to see all our hard work come to fruition.

2. If I woke up and it was raining food, there would be dumplings, sushi, and fried chicken.

3. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade (JK). To keep myself moving, I make sure to talk to someone, whether it be a close friend or family member, and let out my feelings and emotions so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem later.

Central Coast Division
Alysha Cabarrubias, UC Santa Barbara

Alysha is one of the few that I know who has really kept up with CKI tasks ALL summer and she’s also keeps up with everyone else’s tasks. She doesn’t fail to let her fellow board members know when they forgot something and she’s one reason UCSB’s club is thriving!”

1. Ahhh this is a hard question especially since I’m going to be graduating this year but I think I’m really looking forward to attending my last FTC. It was the event that made me realize how much I loved this organization during my second year so I’m excited to go back one last time and be reminded of why I dedicate so much time to this organization and why I love it so much.

2. I love potatoes so it’ll hurt having them fall lol but french fries falling from the sky would be so good!!!!

3. My best friends and the people I have met through Circle K keep me going. I’m the type to take on a lot of things even though I know most of the time I can’t handle it, which leads to a lot of stress and me being overwhelmed all the time so having that support group around me always reminds me that I’m going to be okay and that I can get through life one step at a time.

Desert Oasis Division
Tracy Vallejo, CSU San Bernardino

CSU San Bernardino’s history as a club is a very rocky one. From having a club with officers and members in the beginning to being considered “inactive”for a few years. It was not until recently that the flame was reignited when Tracy transferred from Crafton Hills College to CSUSB this past year. Since transferring, it has been an absolute pleasure working with her to rebuild her club. Seeing her motivation and genuine care for Circle K and her club at her most recent club rush in September is such a refreshing thing to see from a President as Lieutenant Governor. And even though this being her first year at CSUSB, she has truly shined this past month and I look forward to seeing what she can do in the next upcoming weeks!”

1. Looking foward to the UNICEF because i remember doing that in H.S and i had a lot of fun helping fundraise the money.

2. I would hope it will be mozzarella sticks and thai tea (a food that you drink lol), strawberries and some mexican candy, veggie rolls, cheese wontons….man i can keep going lol oh dont forget tacos!! Lol

3. Oddly enough life itself. I know i will have bad days but good days are also there. So i know i will overcome a situation no matter what happens because more good days are yet to come 🙂 i hope that made sense lol

Foothill Division
Jenny Koug, Pasadena City College

Jenny has gone above & beyond not just this month but this whole year as our division’s Kiwanis Family Liason! She is in constant communication with the K-fam reps in our division as well as her LTG, to ensure Kiwanis relations in Foothill are its best. She also helps provide resources, tips or whatever our Kfam chairs may need; she not only serves as their mentor figure but even as caring big sister. She’s also an active and determined MD&E Chair for her homeclub: PCC. This division is filled with many of the finest individuals I know yet Jenny still stands out as the hardworking and loving soul she is.”

1. There are many events that I’m excited for this term. If I have to choose one, it would be CKI South! For the past years, I been wanting to go, but work and life got in the way. I heard that the day is filled with fun and sweat. I’m excited to see everyone there as well participating for a good cause.

2. If I woke up and it was raining food, the only food I want and need is POTATOES. I love potatoes potatoes potatoes. Ahaha I want potatoes now!

3. Honestly, for this year at least, it’s my committee(DKFF Committee) and my Sunny Buddy, Amber Ly! Yes it sounds cheesy, but whenever I have a problem, I would messaged my committee or Amber and they would give me such great response how to deal with life. They are my sunshine through my darkest days. Both my committee and Amber are the reason why I smile more nowadays. They would say funny things or send me funny snap to keep me smiling and my day going. If you ever need a supportive bunch of individuals, hit them up. They will be your cheerleaders. Personally I consider my committee and Amber my family. They been there for me. Especially when I had multiple breakdowns and music or photography didn’t help me relax.

Golden Gate Division
Kevin Shaji, San Francisco State University

Kevin is a third year international student from London who is on an exchange program for the school year. He immediately joined Circle K at San Francisco State after encountering the club while the officers were tabling. Ever since school started, he has been to various Welcome Week events, club meetings, interclub events with USF Circle K, and also attended his first divisional council meeting. We are so proud of Kevin for his involvement with Circle K at the club and divisional level and hope that Circle K can provide him with many memories during his exchange student school-year here at SF State!”

1. I guess the event that i am most looking forward to is CKI North, i think it would be a great experience to travel up there and just spend a day getting to meet and interact with more people. Im here on a study abroad so having an opportunity like that to make new friends is just perfect.

2. The first thing i thought about when i read this question was pizza, so i guess i’ll have to go with that. Its a pretty versatile food 😂

3. Just talking to people keeps me moving, i just feel like i get recharged just talking to people about random things aha

Magic Kingdom Division
Henry Pham, CSU Fullerton
When the going gets tough, the tough stays positive! Henry Pham is an veteran member at Cal State Fullerton CKI and doesn’t have a negative bone in his body. From attending hundreds of service projects to leading new members, he always stays grounded and true to himself. His positive mindset makes him admirable to everyone in the club. If you ever need a pick me up – Henry is your guy!”
1. An event I am currently looking forward to this term is going to be CSUF’s Annual 24 Hour Service Marathon. It’s an amazing event filled with lots of impactful service projects. I’m looking forward to it because it allows all of us to bond through helping our community and sacrificing sleep together!

2. There would definitely be chicken quesadillas raining everywhere when I wake up. Lots of quesadillas.

3. It’s always the small things that keep me moving. It can be very easy to let small misfortunes ruin an entire day, but you need to always remember that there are plenty of good things and happy lemons that get thrown at you too.

Metro Division
Fernando Aguilar, LA Harbor College

Fernando is stepping it up! He’s been working hard to bring up one of our inactive clubs and ensuring that it remains strong and chartered! Hes only a freshman too! Its tough assuming President as a freshman and of an inactive club, but he’s making it work.”

1. An event I’m really looking forward to is FTC because it will actually be my first district event! I’m so excited and pumped for the event I can’t describe it 😭

2. If I woke up and it was raining good it would be Pizza!!

3. The main thing that keeps me moving when life is throwing me lemons, is music. Music helps me different ways to make lemonade although it’s different the outcome is always the best

Paradise Division
Marné Ramirez Amoguis, UC San Diego

Marné is currently serving as UCSD’s secretary and on International service committee. She is diligent on her responsibilities but more importantly has a bright and magnetic personality that everyone adores. She is a wonderful leader and excellent friend and someone this division is incredibly thankful for.”

Sunset Division
Steven Bulosan, San Jose State University

Steven is a fourth year at San Jose State University and a new member in Circle K. Since he first checked out Circle K, has been actively coming out to service events, socials, and general meetings. He even went to some service events back to back along with always being dedicated to coming to our Circle K meetings right after class. He is getting more involved in the division and district level as well by signing up to attend these events.”

1. The event I am most looking forward to is FTC. I have never been to it and I heard that it is super fun and memorable.

2. Definitely anything from the Taco Bell menu.

3. The motivation to keep on and to never give up because I know my family is counting on me. Oh and lots of coffee.

That marks the end of October MR Mondays! Next Monday there will not be a post; however, the nomination form for November is still open until tonight at 10 PM PDT/ 7 PM HST. Make sure to get them nominations in! Be on the look out for your new, active members!