Good Afternoon Sunny CNH!


We’ve reached the end of the month which means we’re going to be recognizing the September Members of the Month! Please give a round of applause for these individuals from all nine of our divisions!


Congratulations to…


🦅Capital Division🦅

Lila Masson, UC Davis

Lila has been working so hard this whole term to not only manage Davis’ regular events but also leading our board to plan out member involvement events and programs. Additionally, she’s been attending recruitment and retention workshops and coming up with ways to do outreach during remote learning. Lila makes herself available to anyone who reaches out and challenges us all to go the extra mile to keep our virtual events engaging and dynamic. She also makes sure every member knows that she loves having them around, and is a friend to everyone. I’m glad to be working with her and I’m glad our club is in good hands. 🙂


🐢Central Coast Division🐢

Andrew Fukui, UC Santa Barbara

Andrew is a passionate and hardworking president that puts his all into Santa Barbara CKI. Not only does he work with his board to provide opportunities to his home club, but he supports other clubs and the division with his enthusiastic and fun personality.


🍊Citrus Division🍊

Kim Nguyen, CSU Fullerton

Although she may be a “tiny child,” that has not stopped Kim Nguyen from reaching new heights as a Titan in Circle K. Kim has been very involved within the club, division, and district, whether it be holding various positions on club and district committees or attending divisional events every weekend to meet people from other schools. She is usually among the first to greet new and returning members, showering them with hellos and wondering how their day is going. She is someone who has fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment for new members with her unmatched energy and passion for helping people reach their potential. Kim has such a tremendous capacity to help people and dedicates her undivided time and attention to ensuring that members are cared for, no matter how or when they came into the club. Kim may be smol, but she will always be a huge part of CSUF Circle K’s heart and soul for quite some time.


🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵

Alondra Santana, College of Southern Nevada

Alondra is the funniest person I’ve ever met! She’s such a caring soul and CSN is very lucky to have her as a club president <3


🔥Foothill Division🔥

Sergio Barrios, Cal Poly Pomona

Sergio is at almost every event within the Foothill Division, going out of his way to attend events from other schools while supporting his home club and the division as a whole. He is a part of FTC committee this year as the Workshops Co-Chair and has helped with promoting the event to his home club and keeping the LTG informed of what’s going on within the committee. Recently, he also donated 800+ cans for the Foothill Recycling Project.


🌉Golden Gate Division🌉

Brandon Ramirez, University of San Francisco

Brandon is always kind and considerate of everyone, whether he knows them or not. I find it super fascinating how he always has a backup plan and all of them are great! Like *boom* one plan doesn’t flow too well?, weLL IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY, Brandon has another idea to keep everyone engaged and involved. He makes sure that you are taken care of and that you are comfortable, and most importantly, that you are having fun too! There’s never a dull moment with Brandon! His welcoming persona keeps everyone coming back, I know I do! I am surprised he hasn’t been nominated for an MR Monday before because he’s a great individual, but no worry buddy, you’re our MR Monday every Monday nonetheless:”) Keep being the wonderful person you are!


🚊Metro Division🚊

Haya Ayesh, LA Harbor College

his past month Haya has restarted the Los Angeles Harbor College Circle K. Restarting a club is a daunting task, but restarting a club during quarantine is near impossible. Haya has surpassed all odds and has appointed a full executive board and has 24 members in her club! Haya has also been able to push her members to be involved in not only the club level, but also the divisional level. LA Harbor has the second most signups for the Metro Family System all thanks to the drive and guidance of the president. Great job Haya!


🍍Paradise Division🍍

Alexis Matias, UH Manoa

She has been sending emails to all the past and prospective members to notify them of events and other information. As well as posting on our clubs social media and attending the events we’ve been having


🌅Sunset Division🌅

Luis Gonzalez Herrera, UC Santa Cruz

Service Superstar. Has been super involved with finding unique service events for Sunset and working with officers to advertise and promote service, recruitment, and interclubs.



We also got the nomination form for the November MR Mondays! Next month, we’ll be spotlighting members who have interacted with their fellow members, while contributing to the comfortable atmosphere.


Check out the link below for the nomination form:

Deadline: TONIGHT Monday, October 26th at 10PM PDT/7PM HST!