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We’ve reached week four of September wrapping up Member Recognition Mondays this month! This month is dedicated to nine individuals being spotlighted by their divisions for their contributions to our tenets for the month of August. Please join me in congratulating these individuals and read more about them below!


🦅Capital Division🦅
Lila Masson, UC Davis

This past month Lila has been active within her club and division. She constantly volunteers to drive to events even if it’s all the way in Sacramento. As an A-Board officer Lila has gone above and beyond. She steps out of her comfort zone and talks to members from other clubs. It is nice seeing her active not only with her home club, but also supporting other clubs in the division.
🐢Central Coast Division🐢
Sam Bautista, CSU Fresno

Sam Bautista currently serves as the President of Fresno State’s Circle K Branch. Referring to themselves as the “small but mighty” branch of the Central Coast Division, Fresno State has repeatedly remained active throughout the summer, continuing to volunteer and host service events for local organizations. Over the summer, Fresno State CKI has been involved in volunteering with the Central California Community Food Bank, the Huntington Lake Clean-up, and with Camp EI-O’s Annual Duck Race Event. In addition, Fresno State’s dedication is further reflected within their attendance to our divisional events, an example being to represent Central Coast at our most recent Quad DCM. Despite their small size, Fresno State CKI continued to remain active over the summer, and leading the charge in these efforts was Sam Bautista. In addition to loving the outdoors, Sam is said to be a “dedicated, active, and positive” president, who provides support for everyone’s ideas and opinions within her own club. Her leadership and passion is reflected upon many in our division, as many were impressed by her dedication and activism to provide support for her own club. After this summer, Sam plans to continue to remain active as they begin their school year, as she recently hosted her first club meeting and is currently recruiting members and helping to host fundraisers for CKI!
🍊Citrus Division🍊
Yeonsoo Kim, Orange Coast College

Small but mighty, Yeonsoo Kim’s love and passion for this organization, especially her home club, cannot be missed. At any club event, she ensures all new members feel welcomed by checking up on them and answering any of their Circle K questions. She pushes her peers to be the best versions of themselves within Circle K by promoting any divisional or district leadership and fellowship opportunities. You will often find her talking to different people at any event. Without her, Orange Coast College would not have such a strong membership.
🌵Desert Oasis Division🌵
Amy Kobayashi, UC Riverside

Amy stepped up to the position of secretary when no one else would. She is always there to greet members at general meetings and goes to as many events as she can even with a busy schedule. Amy is very meticulous with all her work like with MRFs and is proactive about improving her position and the club by looking for new ways to make CKI exciting. She is always striving to grow and I think she has done a great job so far!
🔥Foothill Division🔥
Jessica Lam, Cal Poly Pomona

Ever since Jessica has joined Circle K she has provided and fostered a safe and positive environment not only for her board but also for her club members. While she is the President of Cal Poly Pomona, she also ensures that her work and tireless hours of time in the studio is not faltering as well. Being President, Jessica has made enormous strides in ensuring the new members is coming into a club that will welcome them with open arms–her board and herself have created a bunch of Welcome Week events which has not been done within Cal Poly Pomona is a really long time. Furthermore, she is always willing to talk with any and all members to make sure nothing is bothering them too much. Nothing seems to bother Jessica as whenever she enters a club room or goes to Circle K, everything seems to fade away and she ensures that the stress of being a President and student is not being displayed to her board or her members. Jessica is leading by example and always brings good vibes to her club!
🌉Golden Gate Division🌉
Dennis Lim, San Francisco State

Dennis has been super active as schools start school. With his passion for Circle K he has been attending most of Golden Gates events. But what differentiates him this month is that he has consistently been going above and beyond for clubs of Golden Gate by visiting during club tablings and offering assistance to where its needed as schools transition to the Fall.
🚊Metro Division🚊
Katelyn Duch, CSU Long Beach

Katelyn has served in two different District Board positions as well as Secretary for her home club at OCC. She then transferred to CSULB and most people would have stopped there with their involvement in leadership positions. Katelyn Duch is not most people. She has now taken up the role as Executive Assistant to the Metro Division and has done an incredible job in making sure the Divisional Leadership Team is on track to reach its goals. Her experiences and skills have proven to be essential for our division’s growth and we would not be where we are today without her help. Katelyn has spent all of last year recognizing others for their hard work and now its time that she is recognized for her own. Metro greatly appreciates all of her passion, energy, and dedication she has put into making this division home to the new members out there and, hopefully, she has found a new home here as well. Thank you for all that you do Katelyn!
🍍Paradise Division🍍
Kylie Tran, UC San Diego

Whether its during GBMs or events, Kylie always brings positive energy and excitement anywhere she goes. She always greets people and welcomes them, old or new members. Even when other schools attend UCSD’s GBMs or events in the past, Kylie is always sure to greet them and include them in activities. Her positive energy has a way of influencing others to do the same. She can make the environment around her exciting and fun. Although the school year hasn’t started yet, she brought members from UCSD out to SDSU events to meet others and encourage interclub events. Kylie’s impact on her home club, and the rest of the division, will continue to grow as the year goes by.
🌅Sunset Division🌅
Nathan Yu, De Anza College

He’s the immediate past Secretary for his home club and works really hard to contribute. Even though he is retired, he still attends events and he volunteers to drive other people. He’s truly a good role model for his home club members by being courteous, having a pretty cheery mood, and willingness to participate in the events.

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