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   Welcome to the 3rd month of Member Recognition Mondays!  Each month, Lt. Governors will nominate a member who embodies the prompt of the month.  This week, we will spotlight members from Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise!


   With highly anticipated district events like Crazy Kompetition for Infants and Fall Training Conference right around the corner, this time of the year signifies a super spirited season for CNH Circle K.  Spirit is a fun element of Circle K that shows our organization’s passion for the work that we do in our communities.  From cheering at the top of our lungs to showing off our spirit gear,  CNH Circle K’s spirit is a force to be reckoned with.  This month, we asked Lt. Governors to spotlight a member who embodies the spirit aspect of Circle K.  Read their nomination statements below:


Magic Kingdom: Tu Pham, CSU Fullerton

Aside from being a loud, rambunctious extrovert, he is a kind soul that embodies spirit and fellowship. He helps all those in need regardless of school and his enthusiasm is infectious. He also dabs a lot.


Metro: Alejandra Diaz de Leon, UC Los Angeles

Alejandra’s high energy and spirit are contagious. Her presence at meetings, projects and socials instantly makes members feel at home and welcomed. Her spirit and passion in Circle K continues to inspire not only new members, but also returning members alike.


Paradise: Jai Lazar, CSU San Marcos

Jai joined CKI in the spring and every since his first event, STC, he’s been so enthusiastic and ready to jump into what CKI has to offer. He’s very spirited and is always excited to learn new club or division cheers. Everything he does inspires new and returning members to be more spirited about CKI!


    Thank you to these members for their contagious CKI spirit!  Make sure to go to the Facebook post and let them know how great they are.  While you’re at it, tag a returning member from these divisions who motivates others to get spirited in CKI.  Let us know why they inspire you and check in next week when we spotlight the September Members of the Month from across the district!


With Love,

The 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee