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Welcome to the 3rd week of September Member Recognition Mondays!  This week, we will spotlight members from Magic Kingdom, Metro, and Paradise!

Back to school season is a busy time for new member recruitment.  Thinking back to when you first joined, we are sure that you remember the Circle K member or officer who inspired you to get involved in Circle K.  Although the start of the new school year emphasizes the experience of new members, we can’t forget that new members would not be in Circle K if it weren’t for the returning general members who motivate them to start their Circle K journey! This month, we asked Lt. Governors to spotlight a returning general member who inspires others to get involved in Circle K.  Read their nomination statements below:

Magic Kingdom: Ivan Hoz, Orange Coast College

“Ivan is an individual who inspires others through his actions. He perfectly embodies the three tenets by being an incredibly hard worker, inviting and fun to talk to, and ambitious in his endeavors.”

Metro: Daisy Tran, CSU Northridge

“Daisy is an active member within CSU Northridge's Circle K chapter. As a member, Daisy is always striving to build connections with others within the club and division. Her passion for Circle K is absolutely astounding, as she never fails to make others feel comfortable during their time at events, whether it be a service project or social event. I'm so honored to know such an enthusiastic and supportive person, and I can gladly say that she will inspire many new members to be more active in Circle K.”

Paradise: Aileen Ballesteros, UH Manoa

“Aileen is an inspiration to many, including myself. She always reaches out to fellow members and provides the support they need. Her enthusiasm for CKI is contagious, infecting those around her. She has an ability to bring together people who are passionate about making a change in the world.”

Thank you to these members for inspiring the new generations of our CKI family!  Make sure to go to the Facebook post and let them know how amazing they are.  Please be sure to tag a returning member from these divisions who has a contagious passion for Circle K.  Let us know why they inspire you and check in next week when we spotlight the August Members of the Month from across the district! 🙂

With Love,

The 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee