Welcome to Technology Committee’s Page!


The Technology Committee oversees all things technical in CNH Circle K. We design, maintain, and improve the CNH website and build engaging websites for all District Events. We provide resources to clubs building their own websites. We develop solutions through software applications to serve the District’s technical needs. We keep CNH Circle K efficient, connected, modernized, and aesthetic on the web.

With 10 members and a range of talents, the Technology Committee will be sure to create applications that combine practicality, usability, and artistry to bring the best our District has to offer. Be on the lookout for our work throughout this term because we’ll be sure to impress and set new precedents for years to come.


Committee Members

Matthew Kim

Technology Chair

Anne Le

Executive Assistant

Allison Chu

Website Specialist

Angela Chen

UI/UX Designer

Jennifer Sandoval

Data Scientist

Justin Fong

Data Scientist

Justin Linder

Data Scientist

Brenda Wong

Project Manager

Alvin Nguyen

Project Lead

Albert Dang

Project Lead/QA Tester

Faraz Asnari

Software Developer

Makena Pollon

Software Developer

Vincent Hoang

Software Developer

Brian Nguyen

Software Developer/QA Tester

Zeven Vidmar-Barker

Software Developer

Chris Lam

Software Developer

Jatnael Montes

Software Developer