Welcome to District Convention Committee’s Page!


The District Convention Committee is in charge of planning the largest CNH Circle K event of the year. It is our job to help plan and coordinate an event that celebrates the end of another amazing year in Circle K International. Throughout the year we will be gathering workshop hosts, professional exposition guests, talented individuals, etc., to ensure that District Convention 2019 will be not only fun but educational as well. With that being said, I hope you will join us in March of 2019 to reflect on the wonderful accomplishments and everlasting memories that we’ve created throughout the term!


Committee Members

Jennifer Hoang

District Convention Chair

Don Tran

Executive Assistant & Registration Chair

Braden Lem

Audio & Visual Chair

Helen Nguyen

Decorations & Souvenirs Chair

Kathy Tran

Decorations & Souvenirs Chair

Aaron Zepeda

Graphics & Programs Chair

Lili Labaco

Honors Reception Chair

Jasmine Barruga

Professional Exposition Chair

Chris Tran

Sergeant-At-Arms Chair

Nhi Truong

Slideshows & Promotions Chair

Angelica Ubungen

Talent Show Chair

Clifford Kaunang

VIP & Entertainment Chair

Nora Lovell

Workshops Co-Chair

Omar Sanchez

Workshops Co-Chair


2018 DCON Website

2019 DCON Website will be released in the winter!