Welcome to Magic Kingdom Division!


Magic Kingdom Division is one of the 9 divisions in the Cal-Nev-Ha District for Circle K International. The division consists of 10 colleges and universities all across the Orange County area! From the beaches to the hills, Magic Kingdom is the place to be!


Divisional Leadership Team

Angela Lagrada

Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor

Russel de los Reyes

Executive Assistant

Darius Nguyen

Special Projects Assistant

Henry Pham

Special Programs Assistant

Kristin Kim Nguyen

Relations Liaison

Club Presidents

Jessica Cornel

Biola University

Brock Knott

Chapman University

Josephine Chau

CSU Fullerton

David Su

Cypress College

Ivan Moreno

Golden West College

Alvin Nguyen

Irvine Valley College

Katherine Hoang

Orange Coast College

Renz Lane

Saddleback College

Ami Patel

UC Irvine

Kelsey Sherman

Whittier College

Social Media