From the 27th to the 29th of April, Circle K clubs from UC Riverside and UN Las Vegas came together in the City of Lights for a weekend of Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. 

On Friday, members of UNLV CKI had a Game Night Social where they bonded with each other through games ranging from board to video. Unfortunately, UCR CKI members were not able to attend due to the amount of time it took to travel to Las Vegas.

On Saturday, members from both clubs attend a morning service event where they helped take out bags filled with the runner’s belongings and sort them by number. Even though the sun was out in full force that day, it was not enough to keep everyone from serving their community.

Later that same day, UNLV CKI held their End of the Year Banquet. With UCR members and respective Kiwanians and advisors on site, everyone witnessed the retirement of the old Elected and Appointed Board and the installment of the next generation of leaders. 

On Sunday, UCR and UNLV attended a Disability Workshop where a representative from the UNLV disability resource center spoke to members and gave insight about what it means to be disabled and how to be mindful of other people’s physical or mental situations. Both clubs were also in attendance for the first Divisional Council Meeting of the year.