Hey Magic Kingdom! 

This past Sunday, the Magic Kingdom Division hosted our first Divisional Service Project and Divisional Council Meeting! Thank you to those of you who attended and represented your respective clubs — you guys are awesome! At each DCM we recognize members, board members, and club projects for the previous month. Here is the recognition for the month of March!

Board Member of the Month – Kimberly Cao (UC Irvine)
Board Member of the Month – Jonathan Francisco (Cypress College)
Mickey of the Month – Krishna Verma (Cypress College)
Project of the Month – UC Irvine’s Hunger, Over Easy
Project of the Month – Chapman University & Cypress College Volleyball Tournament
Club Champ of the Month – Cypress College

Read the DCM agenda here!

Check out the pictures from the DSP & DCM here courtesy of OCC Circle K Historian Alan Camargo aka Bubbles!

Thank you to Melody Tran from CSU Fullerton for coordinating March of Dimes for the division! For CERF numbers, click here!