Hey Magic Kingdom!

Thank you so much to everyone who attended MK Trainer yesterday! I hope that this event helped you meet other members around MK and start to build connections with others that will carry you throughout the term. Thank you to Wayne Cheng, Manuel Santiago and Scott Smith for helping with the technology!

Thank you to all of the workshop hosts – Russel de los Reyes, Darius Nguyen, Kristin Kim Nguyen, Calvin Chau, Tommy Thach, Katelyn Duch, Jennifer Que, Scott Smith, Yaret Smith, Ryan Hoang and Kyler Tagupa.


We also recognized several individuals at our Divisional Council Meeting!

Mickey of the Month – Andrew Yu (UC Irvine)

Board Member of the Month – Kathy Tran (CSU Fullerton)

Project of the Month – Love La Mirada (Biola University)

Club Champ of the Month – CSU Fullerton


You can find the attendance numbers HERE.