Hello Sunset!

Welcome to the official webpage of the Sunset Division on the CNH website! My name is Jennifer Tai and I am deeply honored and humbled to serve as Lieutenant Governor for Sunset Division for the 2018-2019 term!

Since the start of the new 2018-2019 term, we have many new and exciting things going on! Below are some of the major events that we had so far!

On April 28th, we had our first Division Council Meeting at Spring Training Conference North with 30 members from our division present! The Sunset Division Leadership Team for this term was also announced this day as well.

Executive Assistant: Monica Willemsz

Public Relations Chair: Anthony Ngo

Service Chair: Thaw Myint

Spirit & Social Chair: Jonash Poyaoan

Membership Development and Education Chair: Ivy Vong

Fundraising Chair: Justin Magadia

Kiwanis Family Chair: Nicolette Cruz

Furthermore, we had our End of the Year Banquet on May 19th with the transition from the outgoing Sunset LTG, Mark Catolos, and his DLT to the incoming LTG and new DLT. Here, we also hosted our May Division Council Meeting as well. We had roughly 35 members in attendance along with several guests. The event was a huge success and many of our members greatly enjoyed their time. 

Throughout the months of May and June, our clubs had their own end of the year banquets and they all turned out successful. Many of our members went to each other’s banquet to support the outgoing and retiring board of officers and the incoming board of officers as well.

In June, we had our joint Division Council Meeting and Division Service Project with Golden Gate Division on June 23rd at Half Moon Bay. Members from Capital were also invited to attend as well. We had roughly 75 members, Kiwanians, and guests in attendance.  This inter-division event turned out successful and it was a great opportunity for members between the three divisions to meet one another and continue to strengthen the bonds they have.

During this month, our Membership Development and Education Chair also released the pairings for our Sunset Pen Pals system! Our Executive Assistant released the Division Suggestion Box and our Kiwanis Family Chair released her K-fam biweekly newsletter. Our Public Relations Chair released the interest form for our division newsletter as well. Our division theme was voted upon and announced at the June DCM. 

In July, we had President’s Retreat, where Presidents across the CNH district were able to bond and meet their fellow counterparts along with the rest of district board. Here, our Presidents from Sunset were able to learn new information to bring back to their fellow clubs and members as well.

This month, we also had a weekend filled with divisional events and bonding. On Saturday, July 21st , we held our July Division Council Meeting along with a Division Service Project, where we made dog toys to donate! Afterward, we had a game social and our members bonded over playing different cards and board games. The next day, Sunday, July 22nd, we had another division service project, where our members helped out our Kiwanians with the 9th Annual Saratoga Classic Car show. 

Our Division Leadership Team and I had been working hard to put out some new ideas and changes to help our division continue to grow and become stronger. This recap talked about some of the many updates we have going on in our division! Please continue to stay updated on this webpage along with our Sunset Division FB page for more detailed posts regarding the different events and programs we have going on!


With love,

Jennifer Tai

Sunset Division Lieutenant Governor 2018-2019