Do you believe in love at first spike? Well there’s no right answer, but a good response is to come out to our next Magic Kingdom fundraising event! If you like: a Volleyball, Potluck, Bonfire, Beach + and a dash of CKI divisional bonding, then this is a summer event for you!

COSTS: $4.00 to attend BUT, if you’re participating volleyball, then $2.00 INSTEAD

SIGN UP: The spreadsheet contains 3 tabs: the main sign up, the volleyball teams, and the potluck lists – read carefully!

Event: Captain Magic Kingdom: The First Spike
When: July 18th 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where: Huntington State Beach Tower 12 | Pacific Coast Highway & Magnolia
What: Fundraiser = Volleyball + Potluck + Beach + Bonfire + a dash of MK CKI bonding

If you have any questions, ask Darius Nguyen, Magic Kingdom Special Projects Assistant!