Executive Board

Position Name School Email
District Governor Lawrence Sahagun Sacramento State [email protected]
District Secretary Katelyn Duch Orange Coast College [email protected]
District Treasurer Ivan Hoz Orange Coast College/CSU Fullerton [email protected]
District Administrator Camille Goulet N/A [email protected]

Lieutenant Governors

Position Name School Email
Capital Lieutenant Governor David Duy Ngo University of the Pacific [email protected]
Central Coast Lieutenant Governor Bill Truong UC Santa Barbara [email protected]
Desert Oasis Lieutenant Governor Max Rico UC Riverside [email protected]
Foothill Lieutenant Governor Diana Mora Cal Poly Pomona [email protected]
Golden Gate Lieutenant Governor Ryan Tsao UC Berkeley [email protected]
Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor Manuel Santiago Orange Coast College [email protected]
Metro Lieutenant Governor Joshua Nepomuceno Pierce College/CSU Northridge [email protected]
Paradise Lieutenant Governor Jesus Agulilar San Diego State University [email protected]
Sunset Lieutenant Governor Mark Catolos San Jose State University [email protected]

Appointed Board

Position Name School Email
Member Recognition Chair Esther Wang UC San Diego [email protected]
District Convention Chair Kim-Mai Hoang UC¬†Riverside [email protected]
Fall Training Conference Chair Lindon Tran UC Los Angeles [email protected]
Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair Ana Chavez UC Berkeley [email protected]
Membership Development & Education Chair Helen Nguyen Orange Coast College [email protected]
On To International Convention Chair Karl Yabes CSU Fullerton [email protected]
Communications & Marketing Chair Jennifer Hoang CSU Fullerton [email protected]
Service Chair Samantha Ruiz UN Las Vegas [email protected]
Technology¬†Chair Denny Cao San Diego State University [email protected]

Kiwanis Committee & Regional Advisors

Position Name Email
Director of Service Leadership Programs Bruce Hennings [email protected]
Awards Advisor Armando Velazquez [email protected]
District Convention Advisor Don Hull
Fall Training Conference Advisors Bill and Virginia Carpenter [email protected]
District Administrator Camille Goulet [email protected]
Capital Regional Advisor Rae Witby-Brummer [email protected]
Assistant Capital Regional Advisor Tom Leahey [email protected]
Central Coast Regional Advisor Patrick Ballecer [email protected]
Desert Oasis Regional Advisor Linda Marx [email protected]
Foothill Regional Advisor Grace Chi [email protected]
Golden Gate Regional Advisor Joe Lee [email protected]
Magic Kingdom Regional Advisor Peter Yu [email protected]
Metro Regional Advisor Armando Velazquez [email protected]
Paradise Regional Advisor Patti Ryder [email protected]
Public Relations Advisor Patti Ryder [email protected]
Sunset Regional Advisor Derek Lubich [email protected]
Technology Advisor Don Hull [email protected]
DLSSP Advisor Robert Chirk [email protected]