Hello CNH!

The time has finally come to announce our 2018-2019 District Committee Members! We are so excited to work alongside these individuals in the upcoming term and would like to give our warmest welcome to all incoming committee members!


Communications & Marketing Committee:

-Chair: Ryan Hoang, UC Riverside

-Executive Assistant: Minh Ton, Orange Coast College

-Cinematographer: Andy Kim, CSU Long Beach

-Cinematographer: Marisa Charoensri, UC Riverside

-External Relations Chair: Sahara Velasquez, Los Angeles City College

-Graphic Designer: Jacqueline Do, UC Riverside

-Graphic Designer: Sandra Cheng, CSU Fullerton

-Internal Relations Chair: Natalie Lu, Mt. San Antonio College

-Sunburst Editor: Max Rico, UC Riverside

-Sunspot Editor: Joanne Kim, CSU Long Beach

-Social Media Coordinator: Erica Wei, UC San Diego


District Convention Committee:

-Chair: Andy Nguyen, CSU Fullerton

-Executive Assistant: Jennifer Hoang, CSU Fullerton

-Audio & Visual Chair – Braden Lem, UC Los Angeles

-Decorations Chair: Helen Nguyen, Orange Coast College

-Decorations Chair: Kathy Tran, CSU Fullerton

-Graphics & Programs Chair: Aaron Zepeda, UC San Diego

-Honors Reception Chair: Lili Labaco, Orange Coast College

-Professional Exposition Chair: Jasmine Barruga, CSU Los Angeles

-Registration Chair: Don Tran, UC San Diego

-Sergeant-At-Arms Chair: Chris Tran, UC Irvine

-Slideshows & Promotions Chair: Nhi Truong, UC Los Angeles

-Talent Show Chair: Annie Tran, CSU Fullerton

-Workshops Chair: Nora Lovell, UC Davis

-VIP & Entertainment Chair: Clifford Kaunang, CSU Fullerton


Fall Training Conference Committee:

-Chair: Cecilia Nguyen, UC Berkeley

-Executive Assistant: Tiffany Nguyen, UC Berkeley

-Executive Assistant: Josephine Molina, Folsom Lake College

-Campfire Skit & Talent Act Chair: Aaron Lee, Pasadena City College

-Decorations Chair: Jonash Poyaoan, UC Santa Cruz

-Decorations Chair: Scott Le, UN Reno

-Entertainment & Dining Hall Chair: Aaron Tse, UC Davis

-Graphics Chair: Olivia Chang, CSU Long Beach

-Media Chair – Andy Nguyen, San Jose State University

-Programs Chair: Katherine Hoang, Orange Coast College

-Registration Chair: Numfon Vilay, UN Reno

-Sergeant-At-Arms Chair: Alex Kwong, Sacramento City College

-Team Activities Chair: Ethan Wynne, CSU Long Beach

-Team Activities Chair: Kevin Ngo, CSU Sacramento 

-Workshops Chair: Calvin Ly, UC Los Angeles

-Workshops Chair: Khoa Vinh, UC Los Angeles


Finance & Fundraising Committee

-Chair: Shaira Ramirez-Santos, UC Berkeley

-Executive Assistant: Adrian Cubas, UC Santa Barbara

-Crazy Kompetition for Infants North Chair: Rendell Lopez, UN Reno

-Crazy Kompetition for Infants South Chair: Ryan Luong, UC San Diego

-District Fundraising Initiatives Ambassador: Kevin Ru, UC Los Angeles

-Graphics & Promotions Chair: Alysha Cabarubbias, UC Santa Barbara

-Outreach Chair: Ly Dang, CSU Fullerton

-Outreach Chair: Angelica Ubungen, UC Riverside

-Resource Coordinator: Anh Vo, UC San Diego

-Resource Coordinator: Naomi Chia, UC Santa Barbara


Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee

-Chair: Calvin Chau, UC Riverside

-Executive Assistant: Calvin Tang, UC Berkeley

-Creative Assistant: Nicolette Cruz, UC Santa Cruz

-Capital Liaison: Roselyn Duong, CSU Sacramento

-Central Coast Liaison: Howard Wang, UC Santa Barbara 

-Desert Oasis Liaision: Nathan Heger, UC Riverside

-Foothill Liaison: Jenny Koug, Pasedena Ciy College

-Golden Gate Liaison: Calvin Tang, UC Berkeley

-Magic Kingdom Liaison: Don Nguyen, UC Irvine

-Metro Liaison: Belen Bravo, UC Los Angeles

-Paradise Liaison: Alexandra Strom, San Diego State University

-Sunset Liaison: Calvin Lee, UC Santa Cruz


Laws & Regulations Committee

-Chair: Wayne Cheng, San Francisco State University

-Executive Assistant: Annie Chen, UC Berkeley

-Creative Assistant: Andy Nguyen, UC Riverside

-Northern Liaison: Samantha Pham, University of the Pacific

-Central Liaison: Sara Chen, Cal Poly Pomona

-Southern Liaison: Dylan Huynh, Orange Coast College


Member Recognition Committee:

-Chair: Katelyn Duch, Orange Coast College

-Administrative Executive Assistant: Alexandra Wei, UC San Diego

Creative Assistant – Adam Djabra, CSU Fullerton

-Membership Recognition Program(MRP)/Master Records Sheet(MRS) Coordinator: Matthew Kim, Pierce College

-Northern Liaison: Jennifer Sandoval, CSU Sacramento 

-Central Liaison: Amanda Liao, Pasadena City College

-Southern Liaison: Bruce Casenaz, CSU Fullerton


Membership Development & Education committee:

-Chair: Tommy Thach, Orange Coast College

-Executive Assistant: Nathan Wong, UC Riverside

Club Building & Revitalization Chair – Russel de los Reyes, Cypress College

-Creative Assistant: Katelynn Lam: CSU San Marcos

-Ruby Liaison: Amanda Liao, Pasadena City College

-Ruby Liaison: Amber Ly, San Francisco State University

-Sapphire Liaison: Julie Quan, Orange Coast College

-Emerald Liaison: Kristin Kim Nguyen, UC Irvine

-Professional Development Chair: Randall Belyea, UC Berkeley

-Resource Coordinator: Lauro Solomo, UN Reno

-Resource Coordinator: Minghua Ong, UC San Diego

-Workshops & Webinars: Erica Wei, UC San Diego


Service Committee:

-Chair: Hever Miranda, San Diego State University

-Executive Assistant: Mariella Batacan, Orange Coast College

-Outreach Executive Assistant: Braelyn Joy Davis, UC San Diego

-District Large Scale Service Project North Chair: Anna Se, UC Berkeley

-District Large Scale Service Project South Chair: Kimberley Hinojos, Orange Coast College

-District Large Scale Service Project Hawai’i Chair: Lauren Au, Claremont Colleges

-Donations Chair: Amir Patel, UC Los Angeles

-Donations Chair: Kristy Dai, UC Riverside

-Registration North Chair: Austin Lim, UC Berkeley

-Registration South Chair: Cammie Lam, CSU Long Beach

-Service Resource & Promotions Chair: Shirley Siu, UN Reno


Technology Committee: 

-Chair: Jonathan Chu, UC Los Angeles

-Executive Assistant: Sandy Tsan, UC Riverside

-District Events Website Chair – Carl Dungca, UC San Diego

-District Website Assistant: Alvin Nguyen, Irvine Valley College

-District Website Assistant: Tate Yeung, Cal Poly SLO

-Software Developer: Chris Lam, UC Los Angeles

-Software Developer: Kevin Tran, UC Riverside

-Software Developer: William Lin, UC Berkeley

-Webinars Technology Assistant: Francis Tran, Orange Coast College