Hello Sunny CNH,

Please congratulate the following members who have been appointed onto our 2017-2018 District Committees. We would like to thank all of the members who have applied as we have received hundreds of applications. All of the chairs have been working very hard on the committee selection process. Even if you were appointed in a leadership role or not, you all have the opportunity to make a positive influence to your peers and serve your community.

Warm regards,

Lawrence Sahagun

Communications and Marketing Committee
Chair: Jennifer Hoang, CSU Fullerton
Sunspot Editor: Marylou Aquino, Orange Coast College
Cinematographer: Yen Vo, Orange Coast College
Social Media Coordinator: Tiffany Nguyen, UC Berkeley
Graphic Designer: Ryan Hoang, UC Riverside
Graphic Designer: Kimberley Ubungen, CSU Fullerton
Internal Relations: Yasmine Ghazipour, CSU Fullerton
External Relations: Braden Lem, UCLA
External Relations: Cecilia Pham, CSU Fullerton

District Convention Committee
Chair: Kim-Mai Hoang, UC Riverside
Executive Assistant: Andy Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Audio/Visual: Donald Franks, UC Berkeley
Decorations/Souvenirs:Cindy Bui, CSU Long Beach
Decorations/Souvenirs: Winnie Lam, UC Irvine
Entertainment: Annika Liu, UC Riverside
Exposition: Nick Stringfellow, UCLA
Honors Reception: Sienna Nguyen, Sacramento State
Graphics/ Program: Judy Nguyen, CSU Fullerton
Registration: Jesus Martinez, Los Angeles City College
Sergeant at Arms: Clifford Kaunang, CSU Fullerton
Media: Andy Kim, CSU Long Beach
Talent Show: Jessica Ango, UNLV
VIP Hostess: Christine Dinh, UC Riverside
Workshops: Tommy Thach, Orange Coast College
Workshops: Shaira Santos, UC Berkeley

Fall Training Conference Committee
Chair: Lindon Tran, UCLA
Executive Assistant: Edward Huang, Sacramento State
Executive Assistant: Allen Pham, USC
Audio Visual: Jonathan Chu, UCLA
Campfire Skits: Cecilia Nguyen, UC Berkeley
Decorations (Backdrop): Olivia Chang, CSULB
Decorations (Centerpieces): Alyssa Quy, UC San Diego
Entertainment: Christina Chu, UC Davis
Graphics: Sandy Tsan, UC Riverside
Media: Jennifer Nguyen, UNLV
Program: Darin Ngo, UC Irvine
Registration: Tiffany Nguyen, UC Berkeley
Sergeant at Arms: Josephine Molina, Folsom Lake College
Team Activities: Nick Stringfellow, UCLA
Workshops: Alondra Covarrubias, UCLA
Workshops: Andrea Famularcano, San Francisco State

Finance & Fundraising Committee
Chair: Ivan Hoz, Orange Coast College
Administrative Executive Assistant: Ia Faye Sison, UNLV
Outreach Executive Assistant: Christine Dinh, UC Riverside
Crazy Kompetition for Infants North: Calvin Lee, UC Santa Cruz
Crazy Kompetition for Infants South: Yvette Huynh, CSU Fullerton
Project Hawai’i: David Batulayan, UH Maui
Promotions: Adrian Cubas, UC Santa Barbara
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Ambassador: Molyka Seang, UCLA
Pediatric Trauma Program Ambassador: Shaira Santos, UC Berkeley
Kiwanis Family House Ambassador: Erica Wei, UC San Diego

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee
Chair: Ana Chavez, UC Berkeley
Capital Division Liaison: Tracy Liu, University of the Pacific
Central Coast Liaison: Jorge Lopez, UC Merced
Desert Oasis Liaison: Lawrence Chan, UC Riverside
Foothill Liaison & Executive Assistant: Kristy Dai, UC Riverside
Golden Gate Liaison: James Seto, UC Berkeley
Magic Kingdom Liaison: Josephine Chau, CSU Fullerton
Metro Liaison: Jeremy Figueroa, UCLA
Paradise Liaison: Hershey Guzman, San Diego State
Sunset Liaison: Joe Samson, San Jose State
Education: Calvin Tang, UC Berkeley
Communications: Eric Munoz, University of Nevada, Reno

Laws & Regulations Committee
Chair: Katelyn Duch, Orange Coast College
Executive Assistant: Amir Patel, UCLA
Creative Assistant: Katherine Hoang, Orange Coast College
Northern Liaison: Wayne Cheng: San Francisco State
Central Liaison: Jarel Umali, UC Santa Barbara
Southern Liaison: Alexandra Wei, UC San Diego

Membership Development & Education Committee
Chair: Helen Nguyen, Orange Coast College
Executive Assistant: Ami Patel, UC Irvine
Creative Assistant: Nathan Wong, UC Riverside
Club Building & Revitalization: Andrew, Adajar, Pierce College
Exposition: Erick Jason Reyno, CSU Long Beach
Resource Coordinator: Jennifer Que, CSU Fullerton
Webinar & Workshops: Yen Vo, Orange Coast College
Webinar & Workshops: Sabrina Fang, UC Irvine
Ruby Division Representative: Jeremy Alcantara, CSU San Marcos
Sapphire Division Representative: Jennifer Sandoval, Sacramento State
Emerald Division Representative: Katherine Pham, UCLA

Member Recognition Committee
Chair: Esther Wang, UC San Diego
Administrative Executive Assistant: Jack Wang, UC San Diego
Creative Executive Assistant: Serena Mann, CSU Fullerton
MRP/MRS Coordinator: Tyler Tran, CSU Northridge
Northern Liaison: Casey Kieng, Sacramento State
Central Liaison: Henry Casarez, UC Riverside
Southern Liaison: Allan Le, Orange Coast College

Service Committee
Chair: Samantha Ruiz, UNLV
Administrative Executive Assistant: Zena Amran, Orange Coast College
Outreach Executive Assistant: Hever Miranda, San Diego State
District Large Scale Service Project North: Gavin Li, UC Berkeley
District Large Scale Service Project South: Henry Pham, CSU Fullerton
Donations: Emily La, UC Santa Barbara
Donations: Samantha Shen, UCLA
Registration: Marielle Jeane Batacan, Orange Coast College
Registration: Arlene Anguiano, UC Santa Cruz
Resources and Promotion: Chloris Li, UC San Diego