Hello CNH,

  We loved seeing so many of you at FTC 2016 and we hope that you had a memorable weekend!  It has been so wonderful to see your hard work come to life through your amazing t-shirts, club videos, MRP achievements, and CKI spirit.   We are sure that the Kiwanians who judged your submissions could sense the dedication and thought put into your work.  Regardless of whether you won an award this weekend, we hope you feel that you have given it your all and that you continue to enjoy all the work you do for our organization.  Special thank you to all of you for making this weekend so fun and worthwhile.  Whether you were a fashion show model, a Kiwanian judge for awards, or a member who participated in our Shirt Spotlight, the Member Recognition Committee is so grateful for your contributions to this weekend.  With that being said, we wanted to recap recognition from this year’s Fall Training Conference.


Outstanding Club Video

  • 1st Place: California State University, Long Beach
  • 2nd Place: Sacramento State University
  • 3rd Place: University of Nevada, Reno


Outstanding Club T-Shirt

  • 1st Place: University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2nd Place: Chapman University
  • 3rd Place: San Francisco State University


FTC Spirit

  • Capital Division


Fundraising Recognition (Dollars Raised per Member) Provided by District Treasurer Donald Franks

    • 1st Place: UC Berkeley
    • 2nd Place: San Francisco State University
    • 3rd Place: UC Riverside


  • Charities Independent of DFI’s
    • 1st Place: UC Los Angeles
    • 2nd Place: UN Las Vegas
    • 3rd Place: UH Maui College


    • 1st Place: UC Los Angeles
    • 2nd Place: Orange Coast College
    • 3rd Place: CSU Long Beach


  • PTP
    • 1st Place: University of Southern California
    • 2nd Place: UC San Diego
    • 3rd Place: UN Las Vegas


  • Kiwanis Family House
    • 1st Place: Sacramento State University
    • 2nd Place: CSU Fullerton
    • 3rd Place: UC Irvine


MRP Recipients by Division (As of October 5, 2016 MRS Submissions)


San Joaquin Delta College

  • Jonathan Amaral, Silver
  • Cristal Cruz, Silver
  • Tam Do, Silver
  • Jordan Phillips, Silver
  • Christina Talioaga, Silver

CSU Sacramento

  • Roselyn Duong, Silver
  • Andrew Fong, Bronze
  • Andy Franco, Bronze
  • Allison Ho, Bronze
  • James Hoong, Silver
  • Edward Huang, Silver
  • Sandy Ito, Bronze
  • Casey Kieng, Bronze
  • Shanna Lao, Bronze
  • Daniel Magno, Bronze
  • Jan Mauricio, Bronze
  • Sienna Nguyen, Bronze
  • Michael Novang, Silver
  • Luna Recio, Bronze
  • Lawrence Sahagun, Platinum
  • Amanda Wong, Bronze
  • Jenny Yuguan, Bronze

UC Davis

  • Wei-Wei Chen, Bronze
  • Justine Do-Huynh, Bronze
  • Tiffany Hoang, Bronze
  • Allen Huynh, Gold
  • Benny Jaiping, Bronze
  • Alex Lee, Bronze
  • Jennifer Ly, Bronze
  • Lisa Nguyen, Bronze
  • Leanna Tran, Bronze
  • Vanessa Yeh, Bronze

UN Reno

  • Christine Almendras, Bronze
  • Annie Mae Flores, Bronze
  • Daniel Lang, Bronze
  • Bunny Mo, Bronze
  • Eric Munoz, Bronze
  • Casey Omaye, Bronze
  • McXine Salva, Bronze
  • Numfon Vilay, Bronze
  • Cody Yamada, Bronze

University of Pacific

  • Sara Huang, Bronze
  • Tiffany Huang, Bronze
  • Tracy Liu, Silver
  • Ryan Su, Bronze


Central Coast

CSU Fresno

  • Adolfo Florez, Bronze

UC Santa Barbara

  • Howard Wang, Bronze
  • Joshua Salazar, Bronze
  • Stephanie Quinteri, Bronze
  • Vanessa Vega, Bronze

UC Merced

  • Jorge Lopez, Bronze


Desert Oasis

Crafton Hills College

  • Arantza Ornelas, Gold
  • Kiran Rawtani, Bronze

UC Riverside

  • Sean Adversalo, Bronze
  • Edward Cabusora, Bronze
  • Bonnie Chan, Bronze
  • Calvin Chau, Platinum
  • Kristy Dai, Bronze
  • Christine Dinh, Bronze
  • Jonathan Dwyer, Gold
  • Nathan Heger, Platinum
  • Ryan Hoang, Silver
  • Amy Hsu, Bronze
  • Karolyn Jaranilla, Bronze
  • Vanessa Kumnoonsate, Bronze
  • Vivian Lei, Silver
  • Ryan Lewis, Gold
  • James Luong, Gold
  • Amanda Mai, Silver
  • Monica Manzanares, Gold
  • Michelle Nguyen, Bronze
  • Shota Omori, Gold
  • Roberto Rea, Gold
  • Edgar Renteria, Gold
  • Tanisha Tyler, Silver
  • Angelica Ubungen, Bronze
  • Jodelle Wong, Platinum
  • Alex Zhang, Platinum

UN Las Vegas

  • Mariano Alonzo, Silver
  • Jessica Ango, Bronze
  • Jasmine Ethel Ballar, Bronze
  • Nicole Brigola, Bronze
  • Mamu Kimura, Silver
  • Kenny Lam, Bronze
  • Jacob Lockhart, Gold
  • Phetsamone Maokhamphiou, Silver
  • Rosalyn Ngo, Bronze
  • Jennifer Nguyen, Bronze
  • Samantha Ruiz, Silver
  • James Shoung, Bronze
  • Ia Faye Sison, Bronze



Claremont Colleges

  • Lauren Au, Bronze
  • Terrence Diaz, Bronze
  • Kayla Yamada, Bronze

Los Angeles City College

  • Joseph Barruga, Bronze
  • Sharmaine Cerezo, Bronze
  • Jesus Martinez, Bronze
  • Jose Morales, Bronze
  • Ilcias Ruiz, Bronze
  • Daevah Taylaran, Bronze
  • Richard Tzul, Silver

Mount San Antonio College

  • Tammy Phan, Bronze


Golden Gate

CSU East Bay

  • Emmanuel Escobal, Bronze

Napa Valley College

  • Marilyn Nguyen, Bronze

San Francisco State University

  • Andrea Famularcano, Silver
  • Ramon Gabriel, Silver
  • Cesia Gomez, Bronze
  • Lili Anne Labaco, Silver
  • Calvin Lam, Bronze
  • Amanda Masumoto, Bronze
  • Linh Nguyen, Gold
  • Adele Reyes, Bronze
  • Audrey Reyes, Bronze
  • Garner Reyes, Bronze
  • Emilie Wong, Gold
  • Evelyn Quintara, Silver

UC Berkeley

  • Stephanie Chu, Gold
  • Ana Chavez, Platinum
  • Remy D’Agnillo, Gold
  • Donald Franks, Platinum
  • Austin Frenes, Bronze
  • Heyun Jeong, Bronze
  • Aaron Lee, Bronze
  • Claire Lee, Gold
  • Gavin Li, Bronze
  • Jasmine Lin, Bronze
  • Anne Liu, Bronze
  • Neiron Penalba, Silver
  • Stephanie Ruiz, Silver
  • Shaira Santos, Gold
  • Andrea Seet, Bronze
  • Java Villano, Silver
  • Kathy Xie, Bronze


Magic Kingdom

CSU Fullerton

  • Rafa Alam, Gold
  • Alina Barrera, Bronze
  • Bruce Casenaz, Silver
  • Helen Chavez, Platinum
  • Long Do, Bronze
  • Alexis Giron, Bronze
  • Carl Hernandez, Silver
  • Eric Hoang, Bronze
  • Yvette Huynh, Gold
  • Clifford Kaunang, Silver
  • Angela Lagrada, Gold
  • Alicia Lam, Silver
  • Amphaphone Luangkumdeng, Bronze
  • Steven Le, Platinum
  • John Ly, Gold
  • Serena Mann, Silver
  • Cindy Nguy, Silver
  • Danny Nguyen, Bronze
  • Judy Nguyen, Gold
  • Vy Nguyen, Bronze
  • Raphael John Pacquing, Gold
  • Jesus Pelayo, Platinum
  • Henry Pham, Platinum
  • Tu Pham, Platinum
  • Whitney Tang, Bronze
  • Patrick Voong, Platinum
  • Richard Vu, Bronze
  • Karl Yabes, Platinum

Chapman University

  • Marcus Chong, Bronze
  • Rochelle Salvador, Bronze

Irvine Valley College

  • Karch Cabalo, Bronze
  • Tiffany Chhea, Bronze
  • Mai Ha, Bronze
  • Chandni Patel, Bronze

Orange Coast College

  • Ethan Aben, Bronze
  • Mariella Batacan, Silver
  • Davis Bui, Platinum
  • Pow Hwa Chan, Bronze
  • Ivy Dang, Silver
  • Katelyn Duch, Silver
  • Carlin Green, Bronze
  • Ivan Hoz, Platinum
  • Andrew Kang, Bronze
  • Allan Le, Silver
  • Raymond Lee, Bronze
  • Christine Nguyen, Bronze
  • Don Nguyen, Bronze
  • Helen Nguyen, Bronze
  • James Nguyen, Bronze
  • Kristin Kim Nguyen, Silver
  • Lilian Nguyen, Silver
  • Oliver Nguyen, Gold
  • Tiana Nguyen, Bronze
  • Paul Pham, Silver
  • Manuel Santiago, Gold
  • Christina Tran, Bronze
  • Yen Vo, Bronze

Saddleback College

  • Melissa Chavarro, Bronze
  • Cathy Chweh, Platinum
  • Brandon Mao, Platinum
  • Joey Mackey, Bronze
  • Huy Nguyen, Silver
  • Joseph Olmo, Platinum
  • Jonathan Ramirez, Silver
  • Marco Alexi Sta Ana, Silver
  • Aini Xu, Silver

Santa Ana College

  • Felipe Garcia, Bronze
  • Peter Ruiz, Platinum
  • Chris Tran, Bronze
  • Paula Vo, Platinum

UC Irvine

  • Cailey Barnes, Bronze
  • Jessica Camacho, Bronze
  • Kevin Carizon, Bronze
  • Brenda Chow, Bronze
  • Sabrina Fang, Bronze
  • Diane Huynh, Bronze
  • Brandon Law, Silver
  • Vanessa Maldonado, Bronze
  • Alycia Mcgeever, Bronze
  • Matthew Ng, Bronze
  • Alex D. Nguyen, Platinum
  • Alan Nguyen, Silver
  • Cristian Palomo, Bronze
  • Ami Patel, Bronze
  • Sean Reyes, Bronze
  • Kyler Tagupa, Silver
  • Derek Tran, Bronze
  • Eric Vu, Bronze
  • Joyce Wang, Bronze
  • Tom Yu, Bronze
  • Patricia Zarate, Bronze



CSU Dominguez Hills

  • Kelsey Chan, Bronze
  • DeShun Johnson, Bronze
  • Vy Nguyen, Bronze
  • Carlos Ong, Bronze
  • Samuel Ong, Silver
  • Huyen Tran, Bronze

CSU Long Beach

  • Alyson Brown, Bronze
  • Ryan Jue, Bronze
  • Natalie Mann, Bronze
  • Naomi Pham, Bronze
  • Analeeza Sanchez, Bronze
  • Kim Vo, Bronze
  • Mike Vo, Bronze
  • Ethan Wynne, Bronze

CSU Northridge

  • Steve Lopez, Bronze
  • Isaac Miller, Bronze
  • Oscar Robles, Bronze

UC Los Angeles

  • Estefany Abarca, Bronze
  • Donia Abdelhameed, Bronze
  • Nick Awakuni, Bronze
  • Jone Bacinskaite, Bronze
  • Marcela Caldera, Bronze
  • Cindy Chan, Gold
  • Ryan Chau, Bronze
  • Jong Choi, Bronze
  • Lisa Chong, Silver
  • Alondra Covarrubias, Bronze
  • Juliana Deer, Bronze
  • Alejandra Diaz De Leon, Bronze
  • Justin Duong, Silver
  • Carrie Huang, Bronze
  • Simon Joo, Gold
  • Jamie Kao, Bronze
  • Diane Dee, Bronze
  • Ranee Lee, Platinum
  • Alex Levine, Bronze
  • Catherine Li, Bronze
  • Aurora Luong, Silver
  • Andrew Ly, Bronze
  • Calvin Ly, Bronze
  • Jiaji Ma, Bronze
  • Josef Madrigal, Silver
  • Kevin Neung, Bronze
  • Chau Nghiem, Bronze
  • Bryan Nghiem, Bronze
  • Donald Nguyen, Bronze
  • Jaie Peshawaria, Silver
  • Katherine Pham, Bronze
  • Edgar Ramos, Silver
  • Molyka Seang, Gold
  • Jamie Sison, Bronze
  • Nick Stringfellow, Platinum
  • Lindon Tran, Bronze
  • Albert Truong, Bronze
  • Khoa Vinh, Bronze
  • Danny Vu, Silver
  • Michele Wong, Bronze

University of Southern California

  • Allen Pham, Bronze
  • Jessica Pham, Bronze
  • Crystil Quiroz, Bronze
  • Emily Sun, Bronze
  • Ashley Ta, Bronze



CSU San Marcos

  • Kimberly Adams, Bronze
  • Jeremy Alcantara, Silver
  • Alyssa Kalacas, Bronze
  • Nicolet Ramirez, Bronze
  • Megan Trinh, Bronze

San Diego State University

  • Jesus Aguilar, Bronze
  • Denny Cao, Bronze
  • Brianna Deschenes, Bronze

UC San Diego

  • Joanna Lam, Bronze
  • Chloris Li, Bronze
  • Jason Liu, Bronze
  • Julie Shiozaki, Bronze
  • Vivian Tran, Bronze
  • Esther Wang, Silver
  • Alexandra Wei, Bronze

UH Hilo

  • Megan Escalona, Bronze
  • Taylor Escalona, Bronze
  • Rachel Gristock, Bronze
  • CJ Kow, Bronze
  • Vernon Warnock, Bronze



  • De Anza College

    • Ryan Wiseman, Gold

    Foothill College

    • Andy Alba, Bronze
    • Kim Luong, Bronze
    • Keivon Proctor, Bronze
    • Norman Wong, Silver

    San Jose State University

    • Mark Catolos, Silver
    • Joe Samson, Bronze
    • Franklin To, Bronze
  •  UC Santa Cruz
    • Kyle Chan, Bronze
    • Colleen Lustan, Silver
    • Albert Chang, Gold
    • Paula Espiritu, Silver
    • Britney Luong, Silver
    • Alexis Mabugat, Gold


  Congratulations to all of you!  We hope to celebrate more of your accomplishments throughout the year and at District Convention 2017: Service is Not So Spooky!


With Great Care,

Your 2016-2017 District Member Recognition Committee