Hello CNH,

Fall Training Conference 2017 came and went and during which, many schools in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Circle K came together. There were many divisions and schools that were recognized for their artistic achievements with their outstanding club t-shirts and club videos and for their achievements in the effort to raise funds towards the DFIs and independent charities. These were the clubs and divisions that were recognized during FTC 2017:

Outstanding Club T-shirt

    • 1st Place: UC Davis
    • 2nd Place: Irvine Valley College
    • 3rd Place: UC Berkeley
    • Honorable Mention: Cypress College

Outstanding Club Video

    • 1st Place: UN Las Vegas
    • 2nd Place: UC Riverside
    • 3rd Place: UC Los Angeles

Division Spirit Award

    • Magic Kingdom

DFI Recognition

  • Kiwanis Family House (KFH)
    • 1st Place: Sacramento State
    • 2nd Place: UC Davis
    • 3rd Place: University of Southern California
  • Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP)
    • 1st Place: CSU San Marcos
    • 2nd Place: University of Southern California
    • 3rd Place: CSU Long Beach
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    • 1st Place: UC Riverside
    • 2nd Place: CSU San Marcos
    • 3rd Place: University of Southern California
  • Independent Charities
    • UN Las Vegas
  • Overall
    • UC Berkeley

Onsite Fundraiser: Penny Wars

    • Desert Oasis

Congratulations to all the winners. The CNH District would not be where it is without everyone’s hard work and dedication towards making the world a better place. With that, we hope to see you all at District Convention 2018 where we will continue to recognize more members, clubs, and divisions.