Note: Office hours are subject to change, be sure to contact the officers and/or respective social media groups for the latest news on office hours.

Name Office Hours Medium

Central Coast

Turtle Talks Thursdays, 8 PM-10 PM Zoom

Communications & Marketing

Sundays, 9 PM-10 PM (Joint with Technology) Zoom


Foothill Feels Tuesdays, 7 PM-9 PM Zoom

Magic Kingdom

Man You Well Mondays Mondays, 8 PM-10 PM Zoom

Membership Development & Education

MD&Tea Tuesdays Tuesdays, 10 PM-11 PM Zoom


Metro Mingle Wednesdays, 10 PM-11 PM Zoom


Dining in at Denny's Fridays, 10 AM-11 AM
Sundays, 9 PM-10 PM (Joint with C&M)